10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED as false

10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED as false

10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED as false

If you are searching this topic, then you must be in two minds about email marketing. Well, here are 10 Email marketing myths exposed as false. Read through them carefully, and check out the bonus point. I will also recommend my best email marketing tool to use.

You may have been told many myths, and lied to (maybe not on purpose), by some marketers you follow. There are also a few websites and forums spreading lies about email marketing. Let me not say lies, let me say myths. There is always a reason behind it, and you should learn to see what they are doing, rather then what they are saying.

A good example may be to check if they recommend a product, or a service that can aid with that specific problem. This is the old trick coming back to haunt us marketers. Some shady marketers who come selling pick axes with bells and whistles. You will rarely need what they recommend, and majority of email marketing tools, may already have a similar feature, if not better then what they are offering.

Just a quick factoid here, before you read further. Email marketing is not always needed for your form of business. Email marketing contributes to less then 15% of my income, offline and online. The reason is that in my physical business, all my personal emails are a direct back and forth communication between me and my clients.

There may be a general newsletter, or broadcast confirming or announcing new services, or changes to agreements or routines with my clients. The rest of my income is based on building niche sites, where Ad revenue is generated. A very small part of my income is from email marketing, to warm up buyer traffic and recommend products. Even if so, I generally prefer to send them to an article on one of my websites, or YouTube channels and rather have higher engagement there as well. 

So just do your due diligence and homework, before you rush into purchasing software that may in the future place a burden on your income, rather then helping you increase it.

10: Sending a lot of emails, will annoy your subscribers

This one can be true to some sense, but in reality it is not always so. It really depends on what type of content you are producing, and if you are sending spam filled emails. It is highly advised not to spam your subscribers, it could lead to them leaving your list. However, don’t let sending them value filled emails hold you back.

It really comes down to what campaign your emails are part of, and as I said, what type of content you produce. If you have a website that posts daily, it is good to send them email updates on your new posts. This will increase reader engagements and have tons of returning visitors  to your site. It will also allow you too see which readers, prefer what types of contact, if they have click your links within the email.

If you are running a launch, or a follow up sequence, then don’t wait too long before sending the next one. A good example is 3 days, one off, then 2, one off and the last one. Also sending out more then one a day can work for certain reasons. A good example is the following:

Loot Crate, a geek and gaming merchandise provider adopted a strategy of sending out 2 mails every day. Many industry experts were of the opinion that this strategy will backfire but to their surprise it worked so brilliantly that Loot Crate was Inc. fastest growing company of 2016! 

9: Don’t send the same email twice

You may have been told that sending the same email twice, to the same subscriber is counter productive and useless. Its just yet another myth associated with email marketing, and should not be taken at face value.

Firstly, sending the same email to a whole list twice, will be counter productive, and you will need the proper tools, to see who opened and who did not, so you can target just those culprits a second time. I recommend this tool, you can read here why.

Sending a second email to subscribers who have not opened it, can really increase the conversion rates, or positive action you desire. For example, some people will log into their email account (like me), and see a ton of emails in their inbox, and then just select all and delete. Thus, it is import to resend that email, they may not have opened.

8: Avoid spam keywords in your emails

There is a growing belief that certain keywords, will result in your emails going directly to the spam folder. Words such as, “free, affordable, discount, etc”. This is not true. However, using tons of punctuation marks, might do just that. So avoid using those.

Looking at it from a new perspective, you should use those keywords. If they have opted in and confirmed a subscription, then there is no way that your emails will land in junk, if you refrain from using too many punctuation. If you have an exciting new offer to broadcast, then do so. If you  have something free for your readers, then do so. Just avoid pasting more then one link within your email.

Also there is a certain body type to use, when writing your email, to avoid it from landing in spam folder. Again, use this tool, and read here why.

7: The more subscribers the better

You may have heard the statement before, the bigger the list, the bigger the profits. This is a huge myth. The real dark truth behind this is that, the  bigger the list, the bigger profits for the email marketing company, and the bigger the recurring income for the affiliate who referred you. If you are a victim of higher increases for more subscribers, then seriously, just check out my recommended email tool here, or read on it here.

Many  businesses and people believe that having a massive list, will ultimately be half the job done. You should not take this at face value. You will be spending tons of money, on subscribers who may never open your emails. It is also very counter productive, as many will get obsessed with efforts of building a list, then actually producing quality, to build a highly engaged list who will consume your content, and trust it enough to consider purchasing the products you recommend.

It all really depends on the amount of niches you have. If you are targeting more then one niche, then yes, by all means, grow your list, to have a variety of subscribers in different niches. If you are not, then don’t. Smaller lists, generally have a higher ROI then a massive list, with inactive and disengaged subscribers. Focus on providing value, for the small portion of people who actively follow your content fist.

10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED

6: Unsubscribes are a cause for concern

So you are losing subscribers. Now you are in though about what you could have done wrong, and you may want to amp up efforts to get more subscribers, or you are spending more money on getting them.

Wait! Let them go. Why? Well, if they unsubscribe it not only saves you time, but it also weeds out the unlikely participants. Managing a huge list can be costly, and if they leave, they may not be interested in the offers, or content you provide.

Thus it is important to track your subscriber engagements, and make sure you put them on a list that provides content that they will react to. You cannot force someone to eat rice, if they want spaghetti.

5: Short subject lines – Better results?

Yet another myth. This factor is really dependent on what type of content you promote, or product. The point of subject lines, is to illicit a positive response to opening your emails. Depending on what you plan to communicate with your readers, you will either need a short or a long subject line.

Also make proper use of power words within your subject lines. Power words can have a huge effect on subscribers. Power words can create an emotional response, which will entice them to want to open. The whole point of a good subject line, is to get them to open your email, giving them some good bits of information, and referring them to an article or a product.

10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED

4: Open rates are important

Open rates are not always a result of a successful campaign. If I make an example, you have a list of 100 subscribers. 98 of them open, but only 4 actually follow the referred link within the email. Not successful I would say.

Judging the success of an email campaign on open rates, is not appropriate. You should be looking to have your subscribers engage with your emails, by either downloading eBook, buying a product or service, etc. The conversion rate of your email campaign, is the most important factor of your email campaign.

3: Stop mailing inactive users after a period of time

So after a few months of not interacting with your emails, you want to move those buggers to trash. Not cool man. There are a ton of reasons why your subscribers may not have been interacting with your emails.

They may not be using one email address, and the one you currently have, is not their primary address. They could also not be seeing your emails, due to that fact that they may be getting a ton of emails daily, and select and and delete, without sifting for a specific email before they do so. Your emails could also be going to the wrong folder. You may be putting too many links within your emails, and thus landing within the promotions tab, or you may not have structured your emails properly, or they have not white-listed our email and you are landing in junk or spam folder.

You would be surprised to know how many subscribers, might be looking out for your email, for that free eBook, or free training, only to have it landed within promotions tab, or within the spam or junk folder. Consider these facts before you stop mailing inactive subscribers, or even moving them to trash.

2: Automated emails, look impersonal

Not true at all. Personalizing all your emails, may not even yield better results at all. They could deliver the same results. Some readers, could just be putting in funny names, when they opt in. Example, Hey bird person. That doesn’t sound right does it? There may be many reasons (who knows why), a subscriber would do that, but the point I’m trying to get across is that personal emails are not a deciding factor in your campaigns.

Not saying that you should avoid them  at all costs, if you feel you need to, you should do it then. However, larger corporations send automated emails all the time. They still get more or less the same open rates and conversions on emails as you would. Why? The people who open them, want the information on the other side. It all depends on the content of your email, and what you are referring them to.

1: Keep your email body short

Listen, this is just a general guideline, to help you create better email campaigns, and not seeing your hard work, time and money go to waste. You need to look at these tips and facts with an open mind, and make sure that your content is unique.

With that being said, keeping your emails short is not always advised. The length of your email really depends on your frequency of mailing, the type of message you wish to convey, or what you are trying to promote. It is really up to you. A short and powerful email can do wonders, on the other hand, a more informative email can also be really powerful.

It all really comes down to as I said, what type of message you intend to convey, or engagement you want from the subscribers. Have a look at what that message is, and how you want them to respond to it. Then work out a quick, or long form email to send across the perfect message to your subscribers.

10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED

Bonus point: Email marketing is dead

Whoa!! Just hold on a minute bro. If you are thinking this, you either are on the fence about getting an autoresponder, or your lead generation efforts are fruitless, or you are spending too much on your email tool or your campaigns are not fruitful.

Just stop that thought. I still open a ton of emails daily, from people and marketers whom I follow. I am always on the lookout for really good products, which can reduce my operating costs, or tools to automate and simplify some of my business tasks.

Email marketing, is long from dead. You are either doing it wrong, or you are not patient enough, or you have been given very high expectations which are just not true. Calm down, take a deep breath, and start from the beginning. One of my favorite websites, Listverse, does not collect emails, and keep me up to date on new content.

Some days I might be very busy, and forget, and some days, I could be waiting for a client to arrive, and I could have hopped on to read some awesome facts. However, thats not the case. They could get more visitors, and engagement with their websites. Reed is doing the exact opposite, once a month, I get a really informative long form newsletter, and I hop on and read till my vision is blurry.

How many others my be in the same boat as me, and as a result, only pop on once a week or once in two weeks. So there you go. Email marketing is still alive, and well. You just need to run your campaigns properly.

Conclusion to 10 Email Marketing Myths EXPOSED

So there you have it. Email marketing myths debunked real hard. You need to be careful, of who you follow, and what you read. As I stated, always look at what their doing, and not at what they are saying. Also avoid the shiny object syndrome, because thats the whole reason for some myths being popped into your head. It leads to an affiliate offer, which in many cases you may not need.

Take into full consideration all of the above points, and start implementing them within your campaigns. Check out my number one recommended email marketing tool here. Stop paying more each time you gain subscribers.

If you are on the fence on changing, then look at this tool. Its helpful, if you want to add interactive elements within your emails.

If you like the infographics I used in the post, then you can get tons of similar ones, for free with your purchase of this tool. Read more on it here and the awesome bonuses you I added along with it for you.

Thanks for reading. Now go out and launch awesome campaigns. Cheers!


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