A2 Hosting Vs BlueHost Comparison | Shocking revelation

A2 Hosting vs Bluehost comparison

A detailed A2 hosting vs Bluehost comparison is paramount. A detailed comparison of any web hosting company before you make a purchase is paramount. Not only could you avoid a decision that could potentially save you time, but also money.

There is no doubt there are tons of web hosting companies out there. Every one of them claim to be the best. Some even go as far to give away free domain names (your website name.com). Others give away hosting at a relatively cheap price when compared to others.

However, all of those goodies come with a sacrifice. In this hosting comparison between A2 hoting and bluehost, we will detail and outline them for you. The review will be unbiased as always. I will go into their hosting plans, prices, freebies and lastly what their customers think. This post should be able to help you make up your mind, if you are on the fence.

a2 hosting vs bluehost comparison

A2 hosting vs Bluehost comparison – An overview

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was founded in 2003 in Ann Arbor. They are well known for being one of the fastest web hosting providers. They also pride themselves on being the Green hosting company. They a proud partner of Carbonfund.org, a leading organization in the battle against global climate change.

Their date-centers are located in the United states, Michigan and Arizona. international data-centers are located in Amsterdam and Singapore. They are also known for being very developer friendly. Their web hosting options are highly versatile, being able to choose between Linux and Windows hosting for shared hosting.

With A2 Hosting, you are also able to choose your server locations upon registration. A2 also offers a anytime full money back guarantee any time no questions asked.


Without a doubt, Bluehost is one of the most popular and well known web hosting providers. It is one of the top 20 web hosting providers. Many bloggers and YouTube personalities recommend Bluehost. Not for service delivery, but for the good commissions they pay out.

Bluehost also has sister companies, iPage, Hostmonster and Fastdomain. Bluehost servers are operated in house in Provo Utah. The company has recently been acquired by Endurance International Group, which in return has seen it lost many of its life long customers. You can read here on why Endurance International Group is disliked.

The company still enjoys huge popularity. They also employ over 700 staff members. They’re services include shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting to name a few.

A2 Hosting vs Bluehost performance comparison

When it comes to hosting, there are many aspects to take into consideration before making a purchase. These range from price, to service. One of the most important is the performance of your web hosting company. The up time, speed and website security is important.

a2 hosting vs bluehost comparison

The above picture is from Bluehost. This happened as I was doing my comparison with A2 hosting. This continued multiple times from the date listed in the bottom right corner, up until a day before I finished this post. You can clearly see the domain is Bluehost.

This information I have to include. It is in no means meant to slander the reputation of Bluehost. Another factor to consider about hosting performance is the speed. Speed can be affected by multiple factors. This can be from the amount of pictures or video you have on your website. Or it can even be from the sheer amount of plugins you have installed.

It is no secret that to rank well naturally in Google, speed has to be taken into consideration. It is one of the important factors to consider with basic SEO. It is also reflected in how users perceive their experience on your website. If a website loads longer, you will lose visitors to the competition.

Considering all the points I made above, I will continue with my comparison into performance. The speeds of these two hosting companies are provided by an independent blogger.

A2 Hosting speed

a2 hosting vs bluehost comparison

Bluehost speed

a2 hosting vs bluehost comparison


As you can see by the images above, their speeds differ greatly. Also note, that many other factors can affect speed of a website. It can also be your visitors browser, internet speed and model of device. These are not tested from running websites, as each website is designed differently and speeds will vary. In my own experience with A2 hosting, my website speed ranks almost 100% with Google.

A2 hosting vs Bluehost hosting services

The following chart will indicate what both these hosting companies have to offer. It will outline different hosting options with prices included from the minimum.

 A2 HostingBluehost
Shared HostingYesYes
PriceFrom $2.96 pmFrom $2.96 pm
WordPress HostingYesYes
PriceFrom $2.96 pmFrom $2.95 pm
Business HostingNoNo
eCommerce HostingNoNo
Reseller HostingYesNo
PriceFrom $9.80 pmNA
Cloud Hosting/VPSYesYes
Core VPSYesYes
Managed VPSYesNo
Unmanaged VPSYesNo
PriceFrom $5.00 pmFrom $18.99 pm
Dedicated HostingYesYes
Core ServersYesYes
Managed ServersYesNo
Unmanged ServersYesNo
SSD ServersYesYes
PriceFrom $99.95 pmFrom $79.99 pm

Please note: The prices indicated above are the minimum for each plan. The prices are also not applicable on a month to month basis. The prices indicated only apply if hosting is purchased as a 12 month package or more once off. The prices will also be subject to price increases of up to 70% after initial purchase period has expired. If you are only looking for Shared WordPress hosting for small blogs, then this may not be a suitable option. If you are looking for a proper dedicated shared hosting account, at the cost of $1.00 a month for 8 years, then please consider reading this post. Note that even after 8 years, the price will not increase. If any price increases are underway, you will be notified 3 months in advance. 

As you can see, that A2 Hosting offers a much larger variety of  hosting options. Both hosting providers have great price points, in their own respective categories. The plans also indicate the lowest amount paid on the smallest plans for that category.

Also note, that they do not provide built up from the ground eCommerce hosting. These two hosting providers make use of CMS. This can be in the form of woocommerce or other eCommerce capable CMS. If you are looking for a hosting provider for pure business hosting, then this is not for you. Also if you are looking to have dedicated eCommerce hosting this may not be a suitable option. You may want to consider reading this post.

A2 Hosting vs Bluehost features and add ons

The following chart will illustrate what they offer for free. Both of these hosting companies, each offer attractive added features free of charge. This can be very useful for saving on hosting prices and website safety.

 A2 HostingBluehost
Unlimited SSD/RAID storageYes1 year
Free site migrationYesYes
Free automated backupsYesNo
Speed OptimizedYesNo
Up time guarantee99.92%99.09%
Free SSLYesYes
Fee CloudFlare CDNYesNo
Free HackscanYesNo
Free DomainNo1 year
Domain registrarYesYes
24/7 supportYesYes
Money back guaranteeAnytime30 days

From the chart we can see that A2 hosting has a lot more to offer. Although Bluehost does well with a free domain name for up to 1 year. It still pales in comparison as to what A2 can provide.

Site migration is also only free for one on cheaper plans. The higher the plan the more sites you can migrate. Site migration is also only free for shared hosting accounts and WordPress. A2 Hosting also provides A2 optimized websites for increased speeds. Bluehost makes no mention of it, or is only included on  higher tier plans.

A2 also provides free cloudflare, CDN and their most important aspect, Hackscan. Not many hosting providers provide hackscan. This feature provides complete protection against any DDOS attacks directed at your website. It also keeps your website running smooth even if attempts are made.

The money back guarantee by A2 is also another great service. Unlike the normal 30 or 60 day, you can ask your money back at anytime you find the service unsatisfactory. Also note, that it will only apply at a prorated rate. A2 hosting once again comes out on top here.

A2 hosting vs Bluehost CMS

CMS refers to applications like WordPress and Drupal. These programs are installed for you to customize your website. This allows you to make your website unique and cater for the form of website you wish to design.

You can add and edit blog posts. You can add tables and charts, even pictures and categories to your website. This is what will lead to your website being unique from others. You can also change the visual look and design of your website with themes and change their colors.

CMS also allows for different type of hosting. If you are not looking for a normal blog type website, or an eCommerce you can then install the ones you wish. They come in formats to host websites like Wikipedia and Quora.

Bluehost makes no mention of the types of CMS it has available besides WordPress and WooCommerce. The following will just be a bullet list of the types of CMS you can get from A2 Hosting with a brief explanation of their purpose.

CMS hosting by A2 Hosting:

  • WordPress Hosting – WordPress is the most widely used type of hosting we know. Many newer websites are powered by WordPress. My website is an example of this. It is relatively easy to use and beginner friendly.
  • CRM hosting – This hosting is mostly used by larger corporations. It is better known as Customer Relations Management.
  • eCommerce hosting – Although A2 does not provide dedicated eCommerce hosting, it does have proper CMS to develop a website into an eCommerce one. An example of en eCommerce website, is Amazon. They also have various CMS to collect payments and create cart shopping. An example of such a CMS is PrestaShop.
  • Forum Hosting – This is a website hosting for a discussion board. This can be where website visitors ask, answer and debate on certain topics.
  • Linux Hosting – This type of hosting is hosted on a Linux server.
  • Wiki Hosting – This is for users who wish to create a website similar to that of Wikipedia.

As you can see, A2 hosting does provide a lot more. They have over 200+ CMS to install for the creation of your website. It all depends on which type of website you would wish to create. A2 in this regard comes out on top again.

A2 hosting vs Bluehost customer satisfaction

As you know, I am just an author and my opinion matters little. The above only highlights what each of these two hosting providers have to offer. What really matters is what their customers have to say. Customers are a very powerful asset. They can make or break any business. The following results are taken off trustpilot and in no way are my own. You can click the pictures to be taken to the relevant post.

A2 Hosting customer reviews

a2 hosting vs bluehost comparison

Bluehost customer reviews

a2 hosting vs bluehost comparison

The two pictures above each tell a very different story. Bluehost is a very huge company yes, but seeing the amount of poor ratings is very shocking.

A2 hosting on the other hand has much more favorable ratings. One would expect better from Bluehost, but the result of their services can be reflected here. It is quite surprising that many people still recommend Bluehost.

A2 hosting vs Bluehost conclusion and recommendation

From the above you can clearly see for yourself who is the better option. Bluehost does not come close to A2 hosting.

Taking speed into consideration, you can see that A2 hosting completely dominates. The add on features provided by A2 are also very hard to compete against. They have a huge variety to literally cut the cost of regular hosting and save you big.

The last section clearly shows who we recommend. It goes without saying that A2 is the absolute beast here. You can also see why we prefer A2 hosting. A2 hosting not only provides us with great speed, but phenomenal support. They also have a great up time. I log into my dashboard daily and check my website compatibility from different devices and browsers. It has never failed.

I hope this post helps you make a informed decision on the hosting you purchase. You should always remember, a good hosting provider should be able to build a long term relationship with you. You can access A2 hosting here for a 68% off coupon. Thanks for reading.

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