About me

Who I am

I am Geronimo. I am a full-time dad and internet marketer. This is but one of my websites that I maintain daily. I live in the most Southern tip of sunny South Africa. If I am not researching or testing products, I spend time with my daughter and beloved wife. On weekends in my own time, I do some hobbies, which can range from gaming, reading up on history or woodworking. If none of that, I have a lovely braai with my family.

My backstory

I worked most of my previous career in retail. I spent many years, working hard and smart to climb the ladder. After earning the position I longed for so long, I found that it was not worth my health, time and suffering. Long daily hours, which saw me leave before sunrise and return after sunset, took a lot out of me. I moved on to do what I love. I am now a full time affiliate marketer. I now wake up much later, and literally work from anywhere while my business runs on autopilot. The earning potential is much better, and I now live financially free and stable.

What my aim is

The goal of me setting up this website, is to debunk and inspect products or services that promise many, but seldom deliver. This has been an ongoing trend online. Where products or services by deceitful marketers are being sold not just to normal people, but to marketers like myself. Being a victim of some, I also thought that not only I suffered financial loss, but others out there. I aim to bring transparency to the network and help you make a purchase that would help you achieve the desire of what you wanted, when you purchased.

The goal of my website

I want to set out and be one of the biggest most helpful review websites online. Many review sites are plagued by fake reviews, or biased reviewers who either accept some form of payment, or intend to just make a sale of an unsuspecting victim. Many reviewers don’t always do proper research, or use the product or service themselves. I mainly aim western markets, since their trend follows up to the rest of the world.

I plan to extend into many categories, once I find more partners to bring and post their findings on this website. Rest assured, that we will help you make a sound decision.

Thanks for reading, happy shopping!


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