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auto fanpage content review

Auto FanPage Content Review

Need your Fan Pages automated? Then check out my Auto Fanpage Content Review, and see how this software can do it all on autopilot for you.

Having your content updated on multiple platforms can be frustrating, and time consuming. Growing a following, on social media platforms, managing your website, and all aspects of your business in the market of today is important.

Doing it all alone is time consuming, or you can have someone else do it, and risk it being done incorrectly, and still having to pay for it recurring. However, there is a better solution. A solution which can help you automate content updates, and source the most viral content for social media all on AUTOPILOT. Introducing Auto FanPage Content.

Auto Fanpage Content Overview

So what really is AutoFanpageContent? It is a must have application that will help you in downloading the most content (status, images, videos) on other Fanpages or Files from your PC,  then post or schedule the contents to your FanPages automatically & instantly.

Product Creators

Easy Marketing box, is The hard working team behind AutoFanpageContent and other applications. The team started in 2018 and has been growing in size since then. Those are the very people who all work to maintain the software, fix bugs, and add more features over time.

How Auto FanPage can help you

  • Have your fanpages posting the most viral content with a PROVEN track record in seconds all on autopilot.
  • Increase likes, shares and comments with your content on social media.
  • Auto Fanpage sends out organic reach into the millions, reaching your target market without ad spending.
  • A set and forget system. This is a desktop application, simply log in, research your content, bulk edit text on your posts, bulk schedule it for your fanpages & watch the money & engagement come in… it’s as simple as that!
  • AutoFanpageContent drives ORGANIC traffic (the best kind), and organic traffic is free and the highest converting type of traffic you can get.
  • No matter how many fanpages you have, this will work for ALL of them. We work within the Api allowing AutoFanpageContent to automate ALL your fanpages in seconds, with seamless integration.

auto fanpage content review

Auto FanPage Content Features

  • Get Hot Trending content Fast – When you go faster than the competition, your success rate will be higher on social networks. So AutoFanpageContent will help you get contents (text, videos, images) from other fanpage than posting to your own fanpage right away.
  • High Quality content filtration – When your fanpage have a lot of high quality contents, your content will be appeared on the content suggestion system. So AutoFanpageContent will help you filter high quality contents by like share comment instantly.
  • Bulk Text Editing – When you get a lot of content, you can’t control all text part. So AutoFanpageContent will help you edit or replace even remove the url in the text part instantly.
  • Bulk Scheduling – When you get a lot of content, you can’t PUBLISH all content because that action can make your fanpage “be blocked posting feature for 7 days”. So AutoFanpageContent will help you schedule by number of content & days that you want to schedule instantly.
  • Support team – You can also expect 24 hour customer support, if you get stuck using the software, or need help in general.
  • Multiple Fanpages – In the AutoFanpageContent, you have multiple fanpages support & Separate Your Fanpage By Categories! Meaning, that you can add multiple fanpages then choose on which fanpage your posts should be scheduled!
  • Import Multiple posts

    You have a lot of option to import multi posts to AutoFanpageContent :

    1. Import from other Fanpages.

    2. Import from single fanpage post’s link.

    2. Import from single group post’s link.

    3. Import from single profile post’s link.

    4. Import image files from PC to create multiple posts.

    5. Import image files folder from your PC to create a multiple images post.

    6. Import a video file from PC to a create video post.

    7. Import video files folder from PC to create multiple video posts.

  • Windows Compatible – Auto Fanpage can run on Windows only.

See tutorial video here


Who can use Auto FanPage?

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Coach or Consultant
  • eCom Seller
  • Local Business Owner
  • Website Owner
  • Lead Generation Business
  • Info Product Seller
  • Agency Owner

Auto FanPage Content Price plans

  • Auto Fanpage Monthly – $14.99
  • Auto Fanpage Annual – $77.00
  • Auto Fanpage One time payment – $497.00 

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