Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners

best affiliate marketing courses for beginners

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners

Want to try affiliate marketing? Currently on the fence? Well, read my list of the Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners, and my reasons why.

Firstly, I must say, that affiliate marketing is a great way to make an extra income online. You can make a full time living with it, however, it is not as easy as you are always led to believe. If they make it sound too good, then it is most of the time.


What to look out for

Before we go into my list, I have to give you a heads up. If you are considering a course, even if its not one of these, then you will need to look out for the following.

  • The fake gurus – YouTube has a ton of fake gurus. They literally cannot help themselves. Actually they can. Majority of them fake it to make it. Income results on any affiliate network can be falsified. There are only really a few real Super Affiliates and affiliates who teach, that actually have years of experience within the industry. If they are not on this list, then they are either not, or I have not been following them.
  • Shiny object syndrome – Please understand, this list is only to give you more information on the course you may be looking at purchasing. This is not a review site, and these courses in no way will be biased. Avoid any reviews or so called real users who will paint fecal matter gold. At times the course is, but most review site owners, get special review access to a course. This does not make them real students.
  • They teach one method – You should look at affiliate marketers who focus hard pressed on teaching one method. Why I say this, is because some will jam pack courses with every kind of traffic method, just to have you see huge training modules, which will just leave you more confused in the end, then teach you every thing. Not every method is the best. Affiliate marketing can be done in a multitude of ways. However, you can only be a master of one, and somewhat good at the rest. The focus should be their method of traffic generation. Without traffic, no affiliate sales.
  • Beginner friendly – A course has to be beginner friendly. A course I see getting promoted very highly, is legendary marketer. The course is not a scam as most people say. It is just aimed at already established affiliates, who wish to learn more advanced tactics of selling really high ticket affiliate products. (Same as shiny object syndrome in a way)
  • Avoid the YouTube and Social Media crowd – If the person whose course you want to purchase is giving away his so called secret affiliate marketing methods online, then just leave (I’m not talking about the quick Facebook trick or whatever). This has happened to me. I bought a course from a person on YouTube who has been in the YouTube ads for a long time, and so called affiliate marketer for a long time. The course turned out to be just recycled material from his YouTube channel and there is no refund in site.

best affiliate marketing courses for beginners

What you may need

What most of these courses also don’t tell you, is that you will need more then just the money for the course. The course is basically just a very expensive tutorial. Nothing else is given with the course, besides access to a platform for you to watch those tutorials.

This can be very frustrating, and discouraging, if you are a newbie on a budget. So I am including this to give you a heads up. I will however, list along with each course, what you will need. I will just put up a list here and reasons why, for general information.

  • Web Hosting – You will need web hosting. Web hosting is to host your funnels, get SMTP and build landing pages. Your Web hosting could also be to host your affiliate sites. HINT: All of these courses recommend Bluehost. I will highly advise you not to. They have a so called special discount, this is untrue. Its the same price as the main offer. I use A2 hosting. Read here why. You don’t have to worry about the interface being different. My hosting provider offers much more, for the same price. Every WordPress dashboard is exactly the same. So don’t overthink it.
  • Keyword tools – You will also need to have access to some keyword research tools. This is if you are going to rank for content, or run PPC ads and you need profitable keywords.
  • Syndication tools – Content syndication is one of the key ranking factors, (if you believe them) so you may need to get some type of content syndication tool, if you are going to run SEO.
  • Page builders – This one is really just dependent on which course you use. Some marketers will use Clickfunnels, others will use thrive themes or Elementor for building out landing pages and bridge pages. I use a free tool, which is just as good as the paid version. I never had to switch to those. I actually switched from those.
  • Email marketing tools – Now here, I cannot give you my recommendation. As all of them just use getresponse. It is a really great tool, but it can get expensive. This all depends on which type of marketing method you will use. If you are running paid traffic, it will get pretty expensive, pretty fast. Its best just to use what they recommend, until you understand how the SaaS platforms work then switch.
  • Social media accounts – This can be for tracking ads, or just syndicating your content. Whatever the reason, be prepared to create social media accounts on more then one platform.
  • Some extra money – This also depends on which method of affiliate marketing you are choosing, and who teaches you. You either need to purchase content from Fiverr, or you need a budget to run paid ads on Ad networks. So be prepared and have a few extra  hundreds in the back.

That is about all you need. Just be ready, in case the course you want, requires any of the above.

The courses (no specific order)

Now we get to the good part. These will be in no specific order. However, these are the best on the market currently. So read through and check out my conclusion at the end before you purchase anything.

Inner Profit Circle – Eric Holmlund

inner profit circle review

Tools needed: None

Created by Eric Holmlund, Inner Profit Circle has really one goal in mind. Helping new affiliates succeed. First thing you will notice is that, this course is not loaded with affiliate offers as most are. The course already has everything you need. You just need to purchase it, and off you go.

The program has very in depth course modules. It also helps you by providing a complete step by step, easy to digest plan, with tasks laid out that you can complete and build your road to success.

You will also get live training and coaching, if you get stuck anywhere within your modules. Once more, you can also download all the course modules for yourself, along with other valuable tool kits, and assets, such as stock images, PLR articles, etc.

You will also get a complete done for you website. This is for the niche you choose. You can edit it, to make it look better. There is also complete sales funnels and email marketing tools for you to use for yourself, and you will be shown exactly how to use it all.

Read more on Inner Profit Circle here.

Hammock Suite – Cindy Donovan

hammock suite review

Tools needed: Ad spend

This course, is more or less the same as Inner Profit Circle. However, with a few twists. You don’t get a website, you get all the done for you sales funnels, lead pages, opt in pages, and updated new lists of products with complete funnels done for you to use.

This course is more aimed ad video marketing. You will need to run ad spend on YouTube and similar platforms. Not only will you be shown exactly how affiliate marketing works, you will be turning your first ROI in a very short time.

You will also get fully done for you SaaS platforms, for keyword research, so you can highly reduce your ad spend. It will also take you through all the affiliate networks, and show you the best, high quality products to promote. You literally sit back and run ads.

Read more on Hammock Suite here.

Clickbank University – Justin Atlan

clickbank university review

Tools needed: Ad spend, autoresponder and/or listing fee

Unlike some of these on the list, this one is for two types of people. If you are looking to sell your own products, then you can choose this one. Clickbank University has a module that will teach vendors how to create products, and have them listed on affiliate networks.

It will also teach  you how to get it launched, and have successful affiliates generate sales for you. You will need a listing fee to add your products to these market places. You will be taught how to create advanced upsell and downsell funnels for your products and add ons.

For affiliates, the course will show you how to specifically promote clickbank products. They have their own platform and SaaS included with their course. Though not all of it is covered. You may need to purchase some of your own. The course is very detailed, and shows you how to do paid ads on multiple platforms.

Read more on Clickbank University here.

Super Affiliate System – John Crestani

super affiliate system review

Tools needed: Autoresponder, hosting, ad spend, page builders.

Unlike most of the other courses on this list, this is by far the most advanced course in running paid traffic. It does include free traffic modules, but the main focus of the course if paid traffic. John Crestani has actually been featured in Forbes, as a real successful affiliate.

The course is very advanced, and you will leave gaining more insight then with any other paid traffic course. The modules are very in depth. What I also like about the course modules, is that you cannot skip any of the steps. The approach taken here, is that you need to clear your mind of everything you have learned of affiliate marketing before, and dump it. Start fresh, and gain real knowledge.

The course covers done for you funnels, emails, ad templates etc for all the paid networks. From Native ad networks, Youtube, Google and Facebook. It is focused not on just basic niches you may know, it focuses on other niches that are rarely talked about, and shows you how to choose your products, and promote them properly. Every step in this course is real valuable information. Also, you get tons of free gifts and ad credit to use.

Read more on Super Affiliate system here.

Madsense – Tom Yevskisov

madsense revamped review

Tools needed: Hosting, Ad spend, some extra fees.

This course focus mostly on building niche sites. I love building niche sites. Its not as expensive as Ad spend, and its much more recurring then paid traffic. It also converts much better, not just in terms of affiliate offers, but in terms of Ad revenue.

Now Madsense teaches how to build up a niche site. It also shows which themes to use, and how to get approved for adsense real fast. They will show you the most profitable niches, and also get you to drive traffic to your site fast, using native ad spend. Its not as much as you think. You can literally get thousands of clicks for $5.

Read more on Madsense here.

Income School Project 24 – Rick and Jim

best affiliate courses for beginners

Tools needed: Hosting

Probably the best course for real long term passive income. I follow these exact steps, with a bit mixed in from Madsense to get the optimum results. No link building, no hard keyword targeting.

Build real long term passive income sites. Even this site. I never bought one backlink, and all the ones linking to me are natural or syndicated from where my content gets shared.

If you wish to build sites, and not spend large sums of money on ad spend, then this is the route to go. Read more on Project 24 here.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners conclusion

So there you have it. The best courses for you to get started with affiliate marketing. Some of them are a bit expensive, but well worth the time and money spent.

So I am going to give you a few tips here.

  • Choose one method – Don’t try to do everything at once. Choose one method of doing affiliate marketing. This can be paid traffic or SEO. They all work, just go out and master the method of driving traffic to your affiliate offers, and you will succeed.
  • Start with one niche – Choosing a niche can be confusing when people tell you, this is what works best (example: weight loss). Choose a niche you are comfortable with, and that you at least have knowledge about. Also try to niche down (example: weight loss for women over 40). Know your target market, and slice out some cake for yourself.
  • Follow the training – Don’t get side tracked, follow through with the training you are provided, and make sure not to skip any steps in the modules. This may lead to you not succeeding at your goals. Don’t mix up certain methods taught, first ask if you should, and what outcome you should expect.
  • Be patient – Don’t always believe what others say. Follow your methods, be patient, and you will see success. Once you do, do it again, and scale it up. Then move on to newer ventures.

I hope this article is helpful to you newbies, I was a newbie too at one stage. Subscribe to the mailing list and stay updated with all my new content.




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