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Best Bluehost Alternatives

If you are currently using Bluehost, and you wish to find the best Bluehost alternatives, then you have come to the right place. Here I will list three alternatives to Bluehost. These might not be as well known, but they have been around for a long time and their service is exceptional.

You may wish to switch from Bluehost for multiple reasons. You may wish to switch because of the high price increase. Or you may wish to switch from poor customer service or extended down times. Whatever you reasons are, one thing is sure, that Bluehost does not always provide the service they promise.

Most of the online posts praise Bluehost. The reason for this is not that Bluehost is the best, its because Bluehost pays the best. This in turn lead to many affiliates pushing to sell Bluehost and amplifying features and not giving a non biased insight into Bluehost.

In this alternative look for hosting, we will focus on three hosting providers. We have looked at the needs for most people online, and taken all of it into account. We will list the most affordable shared hosting platform. We also list the best VPS hosting platform, and we will list the fastest.

Three main reason to find Bluehost alternatives

  1. Terrible customer support – It is no secret that Bluehost has terrible customer support. Looking at customer reviews, and other bloggers who have had experience with the company, you will see why I say this. The staff has been said to be very incompetent. The staff has no technical knowledge, and they many a times have no idea how to help you with site configuration.
  2. Down time – It is also very well known that the company experiences a lot of down time. Apart from poor customer service, they frequently have down time on their servers. This leads to many people visiting your site, not being able to access it. This will in turn have you lose visitors.
  3. Too much to actually list here – There is a really a lot more reasons you may want to find a Bluehost Alternative. In truth, there are just too many reasons for me to list here. If I did, I would be boring you with Bluehost ranting. I instead want to give you the option to choose different hosting or avoid using Bluehost. If you want to read more complaints from real customers you can click here.

bluehost alternatives

What to consider when looking for web hosting

Website builders:

If you are a beginner, and have no coding knowledge, you may need to consider WordPress hosting. Your hosting provider needs to provide easy to use website builders. WordPress in this case is. Many hosting providers have WordPress optimized site builders you can use.

You should also be able to make your website beautiful with different plugins. Plugins enable you to create forms, tables, charts etc. This is depends on what you will use your website for.

The ability to add or transfer your domain:

If you already have a website, you may want to transfer your domain with your hosting. This is so you can continue from where you were last, without losing your website identity.

If you are new, you should be given the option to purchase one with them. You can also however, purchase your domain somewhere else, and then transfer it over to your hosting company.

If you do not know what a domain is, it is or .org or .net. Each website has its own identity. Besides from visually looking different, the domain becomes the identity of your website. Each website has an identifiable unique domain.

Long term growth:

Whether you are a new blogger or have multiple websites. We can all agree that a website is a good  way to earn passive income. If you need a website for your business, you know how viral it can be to appeal to an online community.

For this reason, one needs a hosting provider you can grow with and form a long standing partnership. A hosting provider that can confidently provide you support. Your hosting provider also needs to be able to accommodate your business.

Backup of your content:

You content is very important. It is hard work and research put into what you wrote. Some of that content you may also not have original scrap copy or have saved in word yet.

For this reason it is important that hosting providers give you the option to backup your data. Very few include this into their package. Backups will often be done on a routine basis. Backups mostly feature website files and database.

Some hosting providers will charge you after a certain amount of backups. Others will charge for any backups. If your hosting providers does not offer backups, then you need backup locally.

The best Bluehost alternatives

Now we have listed the problems you may face with Bluehost. We have also listed what you should be looking for in a hosting provider. It is now time for reveal the best Bluehost alternatives for you.

We have only found that three really great alternatives. This is according to self testing and customer reviews of these hosting providers. There are various benefits and limitations to each. We will list them all in detail for you down below.

Number three – Eight Web hosting

eight web hosting

Eight Web hosting is a new name, but not a new comer. Their parent company has been providing hosting for over 20 years. Their customers consist of big brand names with very high domain authority.

Eight hosting was released mainly for fast shared hosting. Eight hosting also promises one payment for 8 years. They offer 3 plans which are mainly aimed at bloggers. They promise high speed hosting and easy drag and drop site builders.

They also have WordPress installed with your hosting package. They offer 2 free domain names for up to 8 years with any package you purchase. Each package comes inclusive with loads of benefits. You are also able to import any domains and the set up is an easy 3 step process.

They also offer 30 days full money back guarantee. The pricing on Eight hosting is also very affordable if you are on a budget. (Purchase Eight hosting here and get 5 bonuses)


  • Gold plan – Host 4 websites for 8 years for $77. One payment for eight years with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Platinum plan (best option)- Host 16 websites for 8 years for $97. Much more benefits made available then with gold plan.
  • Silver plan – One domain with same features as gold plan for $47 for 8 years.

Cons of Eight hosting:

  • Not for backing any files.
  • Not for VPS hosting.
  • Not for customers looking for unlimited space.

Read the full review of all the benefits and bonuses in detail on Eight hosting by clicking button below.

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Purchase Eight Web hosting by clicking the button below.

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Number two – JaguarPC

bluehost alternatives

Unlike Eight hosting, Jaguar Pc has been trading under their name for a long time. They are one of the oldest hosting providers to date. They have been providing hosting for over 20 years. They are also very well known for a guarantee of 100% up time.

Jaguar Pc is one of those versatile hosting providers. It has something for every type of blogger. They provide shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting to name a few. They are well known for having really fast WordPress hosting. Their WordPress websites are up to 300 times faster then any competitor.

They also offer website design and development. There are also options of all inclusive bundles available. They offer backups and IT services for small businesses. Their servers are located in North America. They are in Houston, Denver, Atlanta and New York.

Pricing on packages:

(All accounts billed at 36 months)

Business hosting

  • Business hosting starter, is billed at $6.97 pm. This is for 50 000 visitors and one website.
  • Business eCommerce at $20.96 pm. Unlimited bandwidth and 100 gigabyte disk space with eCommerce features.

Managed WordPress hosting (Daily automated backups included and 300% Faster speeds)

  • WordPress hosting beginner starts at $3.96 pm. This is for one website, 40 000 unique visits.
  • Developer hosting is $11.96 pm. This is for four websites and 250 thousand unique visits.
  • WordPress agency, comes combined with cloud hosting. The price is %25.56 pm. You can host 12 websites with unlimited bandwidth.

Re-Seller hosting (Free Enom re-seller included with 20% off coupon)

  • Advanced re-seller hosting agency is priced at $34.95. Comes with WHM/cPanel and 75 resold accounts.
  • Cloud re-seller hosting comes at $64.95 pm. You get up to 150 resold accounts and 300% Jaguar speed optimized sites.

Cloud server hosting

  • SSD cloud starts at $5 pm. You receive 1 Terra byte bandwidth and 1 CPU core.
  • Managed cloud, to run your own agency, starts at $35 pm.
  • Cloud hosting starts at $20.96 pm. This comes with eCommerce features for 5 websites.
  • WordPress cloud, with minor developer needs. Priced at $6.95 pm for 50 000 visitors per month and WordPress optimized.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Servers – JaguarPC dedicated servers are feature packed! Every dedicated server is packed with root access, remote reboot, IPMI, Unlimited outbound traffic, 20 TB Bandwidth and 99.999% up-time with a (10x) service level agreement (SLA)

  • Un-managed single starts at a good price with $89 pm. It comes with 4 cores, 4 hard drives and 6 Terra byte per hard drive.
  • Un-managed dual starts at $229 pm. The same as single, but with 24 cores.
  • Managed single is priced at $450 pm. You get 4 cores, 4 hard drives and 6 Terra bytes per hard drive.
  • Managed dual costs $595 pm. It comes with 12 cores, 4 hard drives and 6 Terra bytes per hard drive.

I know some of the features may seem little. Be assured, I have left many out as this post would go on for days. Jaguar Pc does have something for everyone in regards with hosting.

To receive a discount coupon code (discount varies upon package purchased and type of hosting), click the button below.

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Number one – A2 Hosting

bluehost alternatives

A2 Hosting was founded in 2001. They are going on 20 years now and are known as the green hosting company. A2 has 3 main objectives. Customer satisfaction, speed and reliable hosting. A2 has seen a steady growth with many bloggers choosing A2 hosting.

Their up time might not be as good as Jaguar Pc, but their speed is something to rely on. Up time has also never affected us. Their customer support is very friendly and helpful. You don’t wait longer then a few minutes for a reply.

Thy also offer free hackscan to protect against DDOS attacks. The company has a policy of any time, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not happy with their service, they will refund every penny you spent.

A2 Hosting price plans:

(Discount only applies with 36 months once off payment)

  • Shared hosting starts at $2.95 a month (63% discount offered). They come complete with WordPress, Jumla and Drupal optimized site builders. You also receive 20 times faster loading speeds on your websites.
  • Re-seller hosting is priced at $9.80 pm (51% discount included). All sites come fully white labeled. Re-sellers also get a free billing option.
  • VPS hosting starts at $5 pm. You receive free site migration and the ability to choose your management level. You will also receive a lot more isolation with VPS hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting plans start at $99.95 pm (17% discount included). You will have complete isolation with dedicated hosting. You will also be able to choose your management level and receive free site migration.

You can receive the discounted pricing by clicking the button below.

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Conclusion to Bluehost alternatives

The three hosting alternatives to Bluehost have a lot to offer. Some more then others. The last two have more or less the same, but with JaguarPC being the best option for all in one.

The best Bluehost alternatives for us is A2 and Eight hosting. This is for the price point and speed. If you are looking for best up time and features, then JaguarPC is for you.

I hope this post has given you a clear option of a hosting provider. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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