Clickbank University Review | What to expect inside

Clickbank University Review

If you have been researching affiliate marketing. Then you may have heard about Clickbank or Clickbank university. If not, then I will explain everything to you in this Clickbank university review.

Most new affiliates, get told by their gurus of mentors about Clickbank. They are known for accepting any new affiliates, no questions asked. There are however certain countries which are not allowed to trade with Clickbank.

Clickbank is an affiliate network, which has a massive library of digital products to sell. They also take on new vendors, who have digital products to sell. These products are courses, eBooks and softwares.

What many also don’t know, is that Clickbank has a course, called Clickbank University. Here you will be taught how to become a vendor or a good affiliate for their products. In the Clickbank University Review, we will go into much depth that others don’t reveal.

clickbank university review

Clickbank platform overview


Clickbank accepts almost any vendor. There is however a fee that must be paid. The fee is $49.99 activation fee. There are also terms of service by which all vendors must adhere to. Part of the terms of service, is their list of approved payment methods. You also need to offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Clickbank has a wide variety of categories in which you can list a product. They range from as seen on TV, self help, travel and cooking. There are a lot more, as you will see when signing up. If one does not know  how to create a product of that kind, then they offer Clickbank University. This is where potential vendors with product ideas are taught how to create, list and market their products.


An affiliate is a person who promotes or recommends a product for Clickbank and their vendors. Signing up is easy, with no questions asked. Any product can be chosen for promoting. Some products however, require you to have previous selling experience, or a successful track record of promoting.

If one does not know how to promote these products properly, Clickbank can help. The Clickbank University does not only help vendors, it also teaches affiliates different methods of sales and promotional methods.

Clickbank University for Vendors

Clickbank for vendors is laid out very well. The course is comprehensive and teaches various methods on how to create an attractive brand. They also teach methods on how to get the most out of your product. They are segmented into weekly training.

Week one – Week one will focus on choosing a product. They will go into depth about the proper form for your product. This can be video, softeare or eBook. This is also dependent on the category you choose. They will also help you understand the importance of choosing a niche.

A Niche is a category. It would be better if you choose a category you know. This would ultimately allow your product or service to serve an end goal of helping your customer.

Week two – In this week it will all go around product packaging and look. One must note that a product and the way its displayed is very important. The process they teach is all about eye catching look. It ranges from the front cover, and also to how you use colors for clarity and positive response.

Week three – This part of the training will focus on sales pages and up-sells. Landing pages are what your customers see first when coming to your website. This is the part where you highlight their problem, how it affects them and how your product ultimately solves it.

The up-sells focus on extras you can deliver with your product or service. This is different from the basic product you will have. This will give customers more in depth, extra information or weekly updates.

Week four – Here you will be shown how to convert visitors to your website, or landing pages into buyers. Not everyone visiting, will buy. In this part of the training, you will be shown various methods to entice or warm them up to an eventual sale.

Week five – This part of the training will focus on pricing of your product. It will also go in to depth of sales funnels. Sales funnels are used to give the customers only two options. Either buy, or leave. This is also where you will utilize your up-sells. Sending them to higher priced packages with more included, or extras they can also add to their product.

Week six – Here you will be taught on how to create an email list. The importance of an email list is vital to keeping customers. In this part of the training you will be shown how to get customer emails in exchange for something. Other methods are also taught. Email lists allow you to sell to customers who have not purchased yet, but came to your sales page. They also allow you to sell up-sells to those who already purchased or new products.

Week seven and eight – In this section, you will be taught on meeting requirements to get product approval. Before you can be listed on networks like Clickbank, there are requirements to meet. You will also be shown other affiliate networks where you can list your product. You will be taken to what makes a launch successful, and which networks you can use to ensure your success.

This brings a conclusion to the vendor training. As you can see, that the training goes in depth on the vendor training. You get all the knowledge and tools to create a successful product. You will also have access to thousands of affiliates ready to promote your product.

Clickbank University for affiliates

The trouble that new affiliates face, is poor training and useless courses. Some of the courses are designed in such a way to keep affiliates on their platform. Others give no real training from which you can otherwise find on the internet for free.

Clickbank however falls into one of those categories in my opinion. The training itself is very impressive, comparable to that of real mentors. However there are a few drawbacks. Not all the methods of doing affiliate marketing are taught.

Affiliate marketers make use of various methods to make sales on a consistent basis. A proper affiliate marketing course should cover all avenues. This is important, as different people implement and learn these skills at different paces. There are also those who only choose to do a certain method and see success with it.

The whole training focuses on building an email list. How to choose products in your niche and building campaigns for that list. It also takes a look into building a squeeze page or an opt in page. This is where emails will be submitted from visitors.

You will also be taught on how to capture emails properly. This is done via your squeeze pages in conjunction with email marketing software. They also teach on how to manage your email list. This is on how to create email work flows and not mixing up contacts with different campaigns.

Then you will be taught on  how to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze pages. This mainly consists of driving paid traffic to your offers. Then taking them through a sequence of emails to entice them to buy.

There is also live video training for vendors and affiliates. If you cannot attend the live event, it is also recorded for you to access later. The recordings of those videos, are only available if you are on a monthly package.

Clickbank University drawbakcs

While great for new vendors or product creators. I don’t think its the best possible training for affiliates. The training does not go into detail on methods of affiliate marketing. I personally think it could be much better and affiliate training could contain a lot more information.

You also have to a monthly fee if you want access to recorded training videos. If you do not, you will have to attend the live events for the training. They also sell you a website builder, which you can only use on their platform. This keeps you dependent on their platform to do your business.

This is probably fine for vendors, but not for affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a business model for having low overheads and high return on investment. There are also a lot of methods of doing affiliate marketing not included in the course.

Affiliates should be free to move to platforms they can own and use for many years to come. A course should not keep you locked onto their platform. You should also not be expected to pay monthly. Other courses lets you pay once, or for a few months and continue to have lifetime access to their course and any new updates.

The tools you get taught to use, are also your own. You can change at any time, without it having an effect on your business. There are much more affordable once off payment tools you can use for  affiliate marketing.

clickbank university review

Clickbank University Review conclusion

Clickbank University is not for everyone. It is certainly for you, if you wish to create a digital product. This is a great place to get exposure for your product. Their training on engagement with other networks can also help your product excel in sales. I would certainly recommend it, if you are looking to create a digital product with the best chance of sales.

[otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”large” bgcolor=”#ff0000″ icon_position=”left” shape=”radius” target=”_blank”]IF YOU WISH TO CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCT THEN YOU CAN ACCESS CLICKBANK UNIVERSITY HERE[/otw_shortcode_button]

For affiliates, I would however not recommend Clickbank University. The main reason being that other affiliate marketing courses give a ton of better training. Affiliate marketing is a great business to get into. However, be wary of fake gurus and courses that give no actual value.

My recommendation is much better for affiliates. The training is much more comprehensive and extensive. You get taken through all the various methods of earning affiliate commissions. There are also various prizes and giveaways upon completing training modules.

You also get taught on how to look and use other affiliate programs. Not just Clickbank, Jvzoo and amazon. There are tons of other affiliate networks and programs. Independent programs where REAL high ticket programs are. Lifetime payments.

Besides all the training modules, the support on the training is very helpful. If you get stuck on a module, the team of REAL AFFILIATES are eager to help you. You get taught on how to write content that sells. The course is over 10 weeks long. You get taught methods from beginner to becoming an advanced affiliate.

You receive all the tools needed for your success. They also give tons of DFY templates for every niche, which you can edit to your liking. You also receive tons of email templates to give you a good head start in email marketing. The training is frequently updated to help adjust for algorithm changes.

You also receive lifetime access to all new updates and releases of the course. The best bonus however, is the ad credit given to you. This will save you tons of money to start running profitable ad campaigns. I do believe that this is the course for all affiliates.

You can however choose Clickbank University. I would not recommend it. You can however get started with free training as a bonus to  see if its for you. If you want access to the free training from my number one recommendation, click the link below.

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Thank you for reading my in depth Clickbank University review. I hope this helped you.

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