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Ecom Elites Review

Ecom elites is a course created by online entrepreneur Franklin Hatchett. In this Ecom Elites review, we will take a look at who Frank is and how this course can benefit you.

Making money online, can be done in various ways. Affiliate marketing, Cpa maketing and eCommerce are just some of them. In this article we will be focusing on eCommerce and Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites is an eCommerce course designed to help you understand the business model of drop shipping. It also teaches you how to set up and source products for your online store.

Now there are a few cons, and there are some good pros. Don’t expect me to praise the course. It is a very good one, but there are a few things you need to know before making a purchase. The point of this review is to make you a informed customer.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is an online entrepreneur. He is very well known in the affiliate marketing space. He also has multiple websites covering topics in the business opportunity space. He has various methods methods for his online income. Drop shipping is just one of them.

He also runs a successful YouTube channel, and many of you might have seen his ads on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, he covers all the methods on making money online. The information is very basic. His courses however, go more in detail on affiliate marketing and drop shipping.

He has a course on affiliate marketing, called Savage affiliates. His course on drop shipping is known as Ecom Elites. Franklin in this course shows beginners the most cost effective way to have a good ROI with drop shipping.

ecom elites review

What Ecom Elites strives to achieve

Ecom elites aims to help any person interesting in drop shipping, make a profitable online income with it. You will have tons of other Instagram gurus claiming, and none of them really producing. With Ecom elites you can expect to see all the proven methods to generate income with eCommerce.

There are four main objectives the course strives to achieve for its students. These can be considered the most important key aspects of running a successful eCommerce store. They are as follows.

  1. A clear mission – If you don’t know where to start, or what exactly to do. Then it can be very confusing. Especially if you have information overload from the fake gurus. The information they give, is always unclear. The results they show is always also very uncommon. The methods they use, don’t always work, or you are not being told how to do it properly. All the courses of Ecom Elites are step by step. The advice is easy to understand, and informational and practical. Some of it you may know, but not the in depth of the topic as a whole.
  2. Time freedom method – The course also aims to make it easy to do. Making money online is hard, its not always as easy as they say. The life of an online entrepreneur is highly exaggerated. Nobody tells you the hard work that goes into it. They only explain the benefits. The methods other people teach are also very time consuming. For those of you that know Frank, you will know he has a saying of doing it once, doing right and watch the rewards come in. These are the methods that will be taught to you. The two hour a day method. Making it easier for you to automate various aspects of your business and have time for yourself and your family.
  3. Proven system – As mentioned before, you may have knowledge of other online mentors. And not many of their methods always work. Some methods are half explained, and others straight up don’t work at all. With Ecom Elites, Frank will show you the proven strategies that work.
  4. A veteran in eCommerce – The course is also very comprehensive. It is aimed at taking newbies to having full knowledge of how the model as a whole functions. Ecom Elites aims to make you a veteran in eCommerce. Giving you the ability to start many more successful online businesses in the future without fear of failure.

ecom elites review

Ecom Elites course overview and modules

In this section, I will be showing you the modules you will be going through. I will also break down and explain to you exactly what it means. Giving you a general idea of why its taught.

  • Store creation – Creating your store is the first step. Here you will choose a niche, for example fishing products. You will be making use of Sopify. The most well known store front technology. Frank will  teach you methods for easy set up of your store. While also making it not only look attractive, but clever methods for you to get the maximum profit from your store front.
  • Product sourcing – An eCommerce store with no products, is just an empty shell. Frank provides deep insight to sourcing good, cost effective products. He provides over the shoulder training, to find the most reliable and trusted suppliers.
  • Facebook Strategy – At this point, your store will be ready for business. Facebook is a really great platform, as it has thousands of users worldwide. In this module you will be shown some methods to get your store front in front of the most targeted audience. You will be using methods such as paid traffic and Facebook niche groups.
  • Instagram strategy – Instagram is another platform that Frank uses very much. In his training he will show you the perfect strategy for getting Instagram buyers as well. Here he shows how to make use of certain methods of following the right type of audience for your niche. This ensures that your products will always be in the face of proper audience and how that audience can make your product reach even futher.
  • Email marketing – The backbone of all internet marketers. Mastering this skill, will give you the ability to generate massive income on the back end. This module covers how to successfully conduct email campaigns to your website visitors. It goes over creating beautiful eye catching landing pages and opt in pages. This is where emails are captured. From there you will be doing a workflow of complete pre-written emails. This is how the business model is automated. The emails will entice and refer or introduce new products to your readers.
  • Mastering Chat-bots – Virtually new to the eCommerce space. Chat bots have a lot of power to help increase sales from your store front. Chat bots also deliver great engagement prospects to visitors. It also helps bring in laser targeted traffic to your brands.
  • Sales Funnels – Frank is a master at funnel building. For those of you that know him, will recall how he makes an emphasis on sales funnels. A sales funnel is taking your customers through a sequence of events. This sequence can illicit responses for increased purchases and one time offer up sells. In this module, Frank will teach you exactly how to build funnels. Also as a bonus, you will receive done for you funnels which you can edit to fit your niche.
  • Google Ads training – Google is a very powerful platform. Not only is it the worlds biggest search engine, it also provides you with laser targeted traffic for your store front. Knowing how to make proper use of Google ads, can turn your business into a money making machine. Frank will be taking you into depth on Google ads. He will also teach you how to use Google to generate long term sales.
  • Google organic traffic – Frank not only knows how to make money online. One of his greatest skills is ranking websites within search engines. I know this first hand, as many of my websites I rank in search engines, I use methods taught by Frank. This ensures real passive income of free customers. The great thing about search engine traffic is, that they are already looking to purchase.
  • Franks secret – The end of your journey with Ecom elites and Frank. Its not all over yet. Frank will disclose a secret method of driving more sales to your store front. This secret is only known to members who have taken the course. To find out what it is, you will have to purchase Ecom Elites.

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The pros and cons

As I said above, I will also be covering the pros and cons of this course. The course itself is very good, but there are a few unseen corners. First we will look at the good, and then the not so good.


  • The course is very easy to understand. For a beginner, you will easily be able to familiarize yourself within the inner workings of drop shipping. If you have no real knowledge, then you will gain tons here.
  • The price is also very good. You have two packages. One priced at $197 and the other at $297. Both have their advantages, and is also dependent on what you want to learn and also for the bonuses.
  • You will leave the course with a complete well built store front. The course is very comprehensive, and he will be with you every step of the way. At the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge and assets to go out and make a success.


  • Not all the bonuses mentioned in the overview, is in the cheaper priced tier. You will have to buy the $300 course to receive the funnels and Google ads training. Although the price is not that high compared to other courses.
  • If you are already doing drop shipping, then this course is not for you. There is not much to learn besides a few differences in marketing. If you do want the extra information and secret bonuses, then you can purchase the course for that only.

Conclusion to Ecom Elites Review

I would say, that Ecom elites is a full drop shipping course. It will teach you the whole model as a whole. It is also very great for beginners. If you are already doing drop shipping, then however I would not advice this course. Since there is not really much extra you may learn.

The course in itself varies much from the information other mentors teach. Some of the methods are also very ingenious. The funnel training, is a must master, as this can triple income. In my opinion, if you are new to drop shipping, and you would like to try it, then this course is for you.

Thanks for reading. Get access to Ecom Elites below.

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