Eight Web Hosting Reviews | The PR0S and the CONS revealed

Eight Web Hosting Reviews

If you are looking for more affordable hosting, then this might be for you. You might not have seen many Eight web hosting reviews online, and if you have, they tend to be biased.

In this Eight web hosting review, we will take the a step back and asses their service properly. I will also be highlighting the pros and cons of this product.

I will also however, ignore any customer reviews on their website. This is due to the fact that on their website, it specifically states that they are newly launched, and all reviews are from one of their other companies with a similar set up and pricing structure.

What is Eight Web hosting?

Eight web hosting claims to be the most reliable WordPress hosting provider. They also emphasize on their price. The price is a once off for 8 years hosting. Hence the name, Eight Web hosting.

They also offer many free and unrestricted services along with their hosting. This sets them apart from many providers, as many of those services and products are either paid monthly, or with each upgrade.

eight web hosting

Eight Web Hosting Features

Eight Web hosting comes with a lot of features that would seem attractive to any blogger. As mentioned before, the pricing is really hard to beat. They also give many paid services for free.

Here is a list of the features you can expect when making your purchase:

  • You are able to host up to 16 websites. You will receive 16G space with SSD optimized RAID storage.
  • You will also receive two domains free of charge for 8 years. The domains come with free domain privacy included, also for 8 years
  • The package also includes Lite-speed powered premium hosting.
  • The ability to for unlimited WordPress installations of your choice.
  • You will also have SSD storage for OS and MySQL databases. These also come with RAID enterprise storage.
  • Unlimited SSL free certificates. A noteworthy mention, is that the SSL remains free for 8 years until you choose another 8 years plan.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for unlimited traffic. No restrictions on bandwidth.
  • The website builder is premium drag and drop. You will also over 120+ themes.
  • You will also have premium spam protection and malware protection to ensure your websites safety.
  • There is also Ddos mitigation. This will keep your websites online, even if your website is under Ddos attacks.
  • You will be able to also transfer files at high speed and securely with their sFTP support.
  • The integration of email autoresponders is very easy. You can add unlimited email accounts, and unlimited aliases.
  • For easy management of your websites, you will have 100% Cpanel compatibility. With Direct admin control for your back end.
  • To ensure fast website delivery during peak hours, you will also receive Cache boost.
  • Eight web hosting offers 120x up time for your websites. If it is not up, you will receive 120x the credit.
  • You will also receive 8 years of premium hosting. This comes with one single payment.
  • If you need more domains, or need a domain. Eight web hosting will supply 2 domains for free, for eight years.
  • Eight web hosting also has their own premium WordPress control hub.
  • You will also have the ability to clone unlimited WordPress sites to simplify your business.
  • You can create WordPress master images, to create your own personalized blog. You can also install from WordPress master images as often as you like.
  • Updating WordPress installations is as easy as one click.
  • You can create and restore backups. You can do so off server.
  • Changes on your WordPress core, themes or plugins can be done easily. You will be able to do bulk changes if you need to.
  • You can also create unlimited WordPress staging environments to test and develop.

Those are indeed a lot of features for one hosting provider to give. I also need to mention that you can make money with your hosting. Not affiliate marketing or ad-sense, but with Re-seller hosting. However, this depends on the package you choose upon purchase.

Apart from the benefits of you get upon purchase, Eight web hosting also gives away some bonuses. The bonuses range from making your websites unique, to getting tons of traffic for your website.

Eight Web hosting bonuses

Bonus number one – Free Stock images

With stock images rising in price, this is a really good bonus for a niche site or a website for your business. Not only will you have pictures to illustrate a meaning, or illicit a response from your readers, you will also remain safe from copyright laws.

Eight  web hosting provides you will 3000+ royalty free stock images. You can use them, download them and modify them for any reason you choose. There is no image attribution required.

Bonus number two – Entrepreneurial success

This is a really good bonus. If you want to use your websites for passive income, then this is for you. Eight Web  hosting provides a complete guide how you can do that.

Even if you do not actively want your website to make income, you can use these methods to make multiple forms of income for you. This covers many methods of income. From affiliate marketing, to more then just have ads run on your website.

Bonus number three – Surefire local launchpad

Whether you have a blog for fun, or if you have a website to earn income. The one fact that is surefire, is that you have competition. This can make having a website very off putting. You will see that most of the articles you want to cover have already been, by a website you may not even know.

How can you stand out from those other blogs and articles? Your answer is with the Surefire local launchpad bonus from Eight Web Hosting. This bonus will help you use different methods to get visitors to your blog or affiliate offers.

Bonus number four – Traffic secrets unleashed

You know as a blogger, or a marketer, how many forms of driving traffic to your website is out there. They are either very saturated, or they just don’t work at all.

The traffic secrets unleashed bonus, focuses on how you can drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your blog posts. This works for every niche.

Bonus number five – The internet marketers handbook

In all honesty, there is a lot of competition online for online marketers. You can wing some methods and hope that Google will one day throw your articles up on top, or you can take the more active route. This can be achieved with the aforementioned bonus.

Now, if you have your website there, or you are actively driving traffic to your website. You may want to see conversions. This is where the internet marketers handbook comes in handy. This allows you to utilize various methods of increasing purchases from your website.

This is not just for purchases, but to keep traffic engaged. The problem many older marketers face today, is that the attention span of their readers or newer readers is much shorter. With this bonus, you will be able to utilize many different marketing strategies time and again to ensure conversions or that readers illicit the response you want from your posts.

Bonus number six – Facebook Video ads

Everyone knows that Facebook is one of the most profitable platforms to advertise on. We also know that if you do it wrong, you could just as well have used your money to start the fire for a barbecue. Facebook is filled with thousands of potential buyers. How you get them, is the way you structure your ads

With the Facebook video ads bonus, you will know just how to do that. Facebook has various hidden abilities that you can use to have positive engagements and reach real buyers. This bonus will guide you all the way through using these methods to ensure success with your campaigns.

eight web hosting review

Who should and should not purchase Eight Web Hosting

With all that bonuses, its very hard to think there may be no drawbacks. In fact, we do have some we could provide to you. There are certain individuals and businesses, this hosting may not be a perfect fit for.

There may also be a lot of questions you may have. I will set out to answer as many as possible of them for you. Below I have listed a FAQ for you. Read through them carefully.

Eight Web hosting FAQ

What happens after the 8 years of hosting?

After you have run through the 8 years of hosting, you will be sent an invoice with a 60 day notice. You billing information will not be saved. This means, that you will not be charged, and not informed.

Your price plan will stay exactly the same as it is upon your purchase. After the 60 day notice, if you have not confirmed, you will be charged for another 8 years hosting as the same price you pay upon your first purchase.

Can Eight Web Hosting  host any website?

To be honest, Eight web hosting is not for customers who should on VPS hosting, or a dedicated server. The service is for customers who will not abuse shared hosting.

Eight hosting uses cloudlinux to partition servers from abuse of shared hosting.

Is online storage of  non-hosting files allowed?

If you are looking for an online repository, then Eight web hosting is not for you. The servers are meant purely just for hosting. You are not allowed to backup websites, home files, or multiple copies of your website on the servers.

Your actions will affect everyone on the hosting service. It is not allowed, to ensure the best hosting service.

Are unlimited websites and storage offered?

Eight web hosting is not for customers looking for unlimited storage, or unlimited websites. Not all hosting companies can provide this. Some can, but in the long term it is not viable.

Where are the servers located?

Hosting servers are located in multiple regions within North America. The servers are located in California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Utah and Toronto.

Conclusion of Eight web Hosting

So there we have all the information on Eight Web hosting. What I can say, is that if you pursue only blogging, then this option is for you. What makes the offer even more attractive, is the fact of all the bonuses.

Many people pay huge amounts of money for the type of bonuses they offer. Here you can find it for free. The domains they provide, I would also not go for. I would rather buy proper domains and have them rank properly.

If you are just blogging, and wish to make use of limited space, then I highly recommend eight hosting. If not, and you need VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, then this is my recommendation to you.

Thanks for reading all the way through. Get access to the bonuses and  your 8 years of hosting below.

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