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gardenrack review

GardenRack Review

Love gardening but suffering from an injury that makes it painful and difficult? Then read my GardenRack review and find out just how you can continue your hobby pain free and easily.

Garden is peaceful and very rewarding hobby. It brings your close to the very essence of nature itself, and at the same time creates something very beautiful. Many people take up gardening as a past time for various reasons. Some desire a beautiful garden filled different flora, others prefer their own homegrown edibles.

Its widely known or thought that many older people love gardening. That is not always true, as some of the younger generation may also part take in this past time. Some gardeners, especially those of older age or with back problems can find the hobby painful at times. You injury can make the task quite unpleasant.

There is a solution to your problem. If you experience back injury which prevents you from bending too much, or you had an accident before then you might want to read this article all the way down. As it can make gardening much more easier for you, and help you keep your garden glowing. And NO, this is no magic pill or ointment.

What is GardenRack?

GardenRack is a completely done for you, do it yourself package. It comes complete with plans and instructions that are very easy to follow and setup takes mere minutes. GardenRack is aimed at helping those with back injuries, or any injury that makes bending over for extended periods of time, who love gardening to keep gardening without the traditional painful methods.

Even if you have never had a back injury, but love gardening but  have very little space to do so, then this can also be of help for you. If you live in an urban setting with not much space, then this can also greatly benefit you.

Who created the product?

gardenrack review

GardenRack was created by Matt and Victoria Rosendahl. The whole concept of it came after Victoria suffered lower back and neck injuries from a motor vehicle accident, which left her with severe side-effects. As time progressed she developed pain when sitting down and a tingling in her hands.

Gardening for her became a very painful chore, and it was one thing that she loved as much as her husband Matt. Seeing his wife in agony while doing her hobby, Matt decided he was going to throw some ideas around and thus GardenRack was born.

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GardenRack package and pricing (secret bonus)

gardenrack reviewIf you have read this far then congratulations. I’m sure you are keen to find out what you get with your gardenrack package and the SECRET BONUSES.

When you purchase GardenRack you will get the complete GardenRack do it yourself plans. Which are easy to follow. The setup will literally take you about 30 minutes if you have all the needed tools. Even if you are new to woodwork assembly, you will still be able to understand the plans.

Unfortunately showing the plans might land me in hot water, but I can tell you exactly what your bonuses will be upon your purchase (time sensitive).

Your first bonus will be GardenRack growing. This handy bonus will teach you how to grow your plants within the GardenRack you have setup.

You second bonus will be How to attack trellis to your GardenRack. This bonus will help you add beautiful stable trellis to your unit, as shown in the picture above.

GardenRack Pricing

You can your copy of GardenRack for only $29.95 (inclusive with bonuses).

Who is GardenRack for?

  • For those of you who had to give up gardening due to stiffness and pain in your neck, back or knees.
  • You love gardening, but may not have a lot of room.
  • If its your first time at gardening and would love to give it a try.
  • If you love gardening, but hate the process of pulling out weeds.
  • If you don’t have enough time in your schedule, but want to pick fresh ripened veggies or flowers whenever  you want.

GardenRack pros and cons

Like any product or service on the market, nothing is perfect. There are some have to knows about GardenRack, so here they are:


  • No shipping needed, all downloadable to your mobile or desktop
  • Easy to follow plans with detailed instructions
  • Not a lot of space needed to gardening unit
  • Helpful bonuses that will show you how to grow multiple types of plans and flowers


  • You will need to purchase the materials (all sizes and types of materials are described)
  • You will need to assemble the unit yourself
  • No hard copy available (reduces costs for shipping though)

GardenRack Review conclusion

Gardening can be a really peaceful hobby as mention in the intro. Those who love to garden will know. The product itself is helpful and aims to not only help gardeners with injury, but it also aims to give those with little space a portable garden.

Though the product does not come with the required tools and materials, it is still a good product to have. It takes out all the conflicting research and advice that you may find online. Some assembly is required though, as it is with most plans. However, it is easy to follow and you can have your unit setup in no time.

I hope the article has given you some good information on GardenRack. If you would like to check out GardenRack, you can click the link below. Thanks for reading.


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