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hammock suite review

Hammock Suite Review 

Looking for a better proven way to increase online income? Then check out my Hammock Suite Review. In this article I will break down what Hammock suite is, and how you can simplify your Internet marketing journey.

Are you new to Affiliate marketing? Even if you are not and have seen little to no success, then no problem. Gurus make it sound easy to make a full time income online. Spoiler alert, it is and its not. Let me explain why I say this.

Creating new fresh and original content is hard, or expensive. You always need to create new content. This can be writing emails, videos or articles. Then it becomes easy, once you  have the following and good helpful content, the money roles in.

Want to have all of the content and automation done for you easier and faster? Want to start seeing results or better results? Then look no further then Hammock suite. Hammock suite is a complete DONE FOR YOU, affiliate marketing set up. Its completely easy to understand with tons of videos to help guide you, a 3 step to profits system. I will go into the full details a bit down below.

hammock suite review

What does Hammock Suite Promise?

Hammock suite will show you:

  • How Affiliate Marketing works, using lists.
  • Why you should be building email lists ( You will receive a DFY SaaS).
  • How to get targeted traffic (Brand new tool that will let you get buyer leads for as little as a few cents).
  • How to do it properly ( You will get full training on how to use the software).
  • How to completely automate the setup.

The creators of Hammock Suite has covered everything. By following their program, you will be able to secure  yourself a custom made, branded Hammock suite Hammock. So once your all setup and completely automated, you will be able to relax.

Hammock suite features and what you get

 The video training (20 easy to follow steps)
These are delivered piece by piece in a gamified format, with very clear actionable, engaging and exciting steps

Playful, easy to follow email series
Each email is formatted in an easy to follow action based way, so you can clearly see a short celebration of what you’ve just done (and if it makes sense to share, why you just did it), the reward you earned, how to access that … and then, what to do next

9 piece fridge magnet set
Celebrating being part of the Hammock Suite tribe and very useful for keeping members focused on taking the 10 minute actions that will reward you with a thriving automated business. Physically shipped at no charge.
You get this early in the series, after joining the group, introducing yourself and watching a 5 minute training video.
Entries into our Wildfire Cruise Contest
One winner and a friend will get return flights, accommodation and tickets on the Marketers Cruise in Jan 2021.  This isn’t exclusive to Hammock Suite, but is something they’re doing with their Wildfire Concepts company
Entries into our WEEKLY delivery draw
Each week, a winner has up to $100 US food delivered to their door via Uber Eats or local equivalent.  The beta testing group got REALLY excited about this one!
3 pieces of premium software
Delivered as part of the course as required to avoid information overload, all tools are premium quality, include done for you resources and form part of the overall training so you use what you’ve been given
An official certificate of completion
Physically shipped to your location at no cost to you, and they look PRO!
A Hammock Suite branded hammock
Shipped (anywhere/not just US) to their location at no cost to you, so once you’ve followed all 20 steps you will not only have your own online automated business, but be able to properly embrace the laptop lifestyle
Hosted & Managed DFY Funnels:
Your choice of 5 (with 70 different niche funnels to choose from) completely done for you/managed affiliate marketing funnels
(we do EVERYTHING for them, including pages built, hosted and lifetime email promos sent on their behalf with their affiliate links on all pages and in all promos forever)
YT Engine Software Access:
Never-before released YouTube ad targeting software suite
(it discovers untapped goldmines for a few cents per lead)
– Generate targeted YouTube video channel audits, with export function
– Find laser targeted audiences and exact channels for cheap ads
– YT keyword generator, dominate niches a month with this add-on
(each function has 10 search credits per month for starter members – or 60 per month for our deluxe members)
Traffic Ivy Membership:
Alternative traffic software membership, allows you to test your campaigns with free traffic first and then take winning campaigns to (cheaply) paid for REAL results
Hammock Suite Shortcut (Video Series):
Step by step video training showing you how to use this suite of software, perfect for complete beginners.

Hammock Suite Challenge:
They have taken each action and broken it down into fun, manageable milestones.

Complete all of these community and mentor supported activities and they’ll ship you an exclusive Hammock Suite hammock (no shipping required)

NOTE: Digital ONLY version of the Hammock Suite course is limited to the following: 
You will receive the series of step by step videos on one page (not drip fed or gamified) and access to the three easy to use software tools.  PHYSICAL GIFTS, gamified challenges and contest prizes are not available at this membership level.

Hammock Suite Pricing

Hammock suite comes at really comfortable pricing, as compared to other courses. It is also really easy to understand and navigate through your dashboard. Unlike most new courses that has launched, they have actually tested it with a beta model. More on that below. I will outline pricing packages and explain what you get with each tier.

  • OTO1: Ultimate Survivor Stash ($27/m – $297 one time)

Upgrades on all three software platforms giving them:
– The ability to capture email leads for yourself (instead of only hosted)
– The addition of a fully hosted WordPress blog
– More DFY lead capture funnels
– Added traffic credits for guaranteed/trackable blog shares and social shares
YT reverse engineering add on tool so you can see everything about your competitors videos including keywords, title, description and other details, and build your own ads based on that information, and do it fast using our inbuilt spin re-writer software tool

AND… Double challenge points for our ‘Caribbean Survivor Cruise Challenge’

  • OTO2: Hammock Suite Whitelabel ($97 one-time)

White-label members receive:

  • Unlimited searches unlocked for all features of the YT Engine software
  • Export your YT Engine channel analysis reports
  • Automatically white-label the exported reports with your own logo
  • Commercial licensing to distribute unlimited white-labeled exported reports
  • Add-on: YT Backlinks, one click backlink finder from YouTube search engine 
  • Add-on: YT Editor, find and edit images and spin/rewrite descriptions and add CTA’s
  • Video Thumbnails Images: 500+ (In all Major Niches)
  • Channel Art: 120 (In all Major Niches)
  • Subscribe Animation: (20 Alternatives)
  • End Screen Template: (20 Alternatives)
  • Lower Third Template: (500 To Choose From)
  • Logo opener Template: (20 to customize)
  • Motion Elements & Video Transitions: (30 templates)
  • Countdown Timer Video Templates: (10 templates)
  • All Come with Developer License

Users can edit thumbnails, jpg’s, png’s etc in our in-house image editor.  All other Templates come in Power Point (PPT) file format ready for people to use/customize and create your ads. 

NOTE: Our software provides unlimited searches, however each user’s account relies on connecting to Google’s API which has a generous cap of 5,000 daily searches (per account).

  • OTO3: Hammock Suite Reseller ($197)

Earn 100% commissions on all one-time products in the funnel, plus 50% lifetime commissions of all recurring products in the funnel

Hammock suite Bonuses – By Geronimo

The following bonuses you will receive upon your purchase of Hammock Suite. These bonuses will be sent to you after you complete they payment process. These bonuses are aimed to help you get an extra advantage in your online journey.

Bonus #1 Social media income – Facebook

Inside this video tutorial series, you will learn, among other thing, how to use Facebook video ads to market your business, build your brand, grow your business, get more leads and get more sales

Bonus #2 – VidRolls Plugin

hommock suite review

Add pre and post-roll ads to your existing videos across your WordPress site

Bonus #3 – Online Viral Marketing Video Secrets course

hammock suite review

With this video training you will discover a shortcut to online viral marketing secrets

Bonus #4 – Mastering and Marketing Online Video Made simple
hammock suite review
Everything you ever wanted to know about using videos online
Bonus #5 – Video Marketing Profit kit Video Course
hammock suite review
Bonus #6 – WP Video commission plugin
hammock suite review
With this plugin you can easily create video affiliate review pages and manage your affiliate bonuses inside of WordPress.

Hammock Suite review Conclusion

Hammock suite if I compare it to other courses, is really a completely done for you system. Most of the other course you see are LOADED with affiliate offers. If they are cheap, the information is usually recycled from YouTube and loaded with tons of affiliate offers. The methods they propose, are at many times, not up to date, or are in direct conflict with Google guidelines.
If the course is expensive, you can expect to barely understand what you are taught, and also just a ton of affiliate offers. Most of the other courses do this on purpose. They will only show you how to do it with tools that they can increase profit from your purchase, besides the course itself.
Hammock suite on the other hand, offers a ton of value upon a ton of value. Everything is already set up for you. You only pay for your access, and for  the tier package you actually want and need. No third party affiliate offers which in reality you don’t really need (clickfunnels?). I can fully recommend Hammock suite. Thanks for reading, access Hammock suite Below with your bonuses. Also, don’t forget to read recommended products below, and good reads. Cheers!



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