How to choose your Niche Affiliate marketing South Africa

how to choose your niche

How to choose your Niche Affiliate marketing South Africa

Choosing your niche can be very tempting, and could also result in utter failure. I will discuss how to choose your niche, affiliate marketing in South Africa in a lot of detail. I will do my best to help you realize what your niche is, and all the methods you can go about creating content around it.

Contrary to popular belief, not all niches are successful, even the so called most successful niches. Reason being, is that there are many methods of doing affiliate marketing, and depending on your methods, you could either get success, or failure

If you are using methods that need you to write content, or create content, then you need to stick to what you know, rather then choosing the unicorn that everyone is chasing. With affiliate marketing, you sometimes need to think out of the box, and even go against the grain.

For example, many may say that the health niche is profitable, that is true. However, if you are going about your niche right, creating your content properly, adding value, and leading them to a sale, a niche then like wall decorating, can be just as successful.

There are many factors at play here, and I want to help you navigate through all of it, to find the niche that best suits you and your intentions for affiliate marketing.

I know i have given you some information on choosing niches before, but I did also say, that some methods are contrary to what I will tell you. Reason being, is that when people try to teach you, they don’t take into account, people from different backgrounds, all walks of life, and different interests may wish to do affiliate marketing.


The best niches – But are they really for you?

how to choose your niche affiliate marketing

There are a ton of niches you can choose. However, there are some that are so much more profitable then others. So this is going to a bullet form, of the most profitable niches, and some pros and cons here and there. (Some of these niches may offend certain people and their beliefs, however, I need to cater for every type of person reading this. So please, if a certain one offends you, pass it by, and go to the next):

  • Health – By far the most profitable niche EVER! You cannot beat this in profitability, whole affiliate websites and business revolve around the health niche. Health can be anything from weight loss, diabetes, skin care to even depression. The health niche, trickles down like a huge pyramid. There is so much to choose from, it is also very versatile, and you can approach it from many different angles. However, this may be still too broad. Due to the fact that it is so profitable, you will find it very hard to penetrate the market. Veteran affiliates, are always on their toes, and launch multiple niche sites around many topics in a month. Some like FH (will get to him in another article), and Miles Beckler, have huge teams of writers, which materialize their ideas, and write content for their websites. So you are very likely going to start at a disadvantage, and with stiff competition, or some really good competition right off the bat. Be very cautious when choosing health. Google had a major update in 2019, namely the E-A-T update. Due to the fact that health is so big, they are looking to find credible sources for health, and give them all the preference on search engines (one huge player, is mayo clinic). However, this should not discourage you, if this is your niche you want to tackle. Just be very cautious, and find the best long tail keywords (I will teach you those also in a later article).
  • Bizz opp space – This niche is related to anything about making money online, or expanding your business reach online. The way that the world economy is shifting towards now, is sending many people, to try find a method for earning an income online. This is a huge opportunity, and many sharks (like off the coast of Cape Town) is also hunting around the take money from honest people. Really by far the most competitive niche. This website pulled me into it, although I tried to avoid it at all costs, however, I know what it feels like to be scammed, and I would never leave a person asking for help, to fail, or kick a man when he is down. Examples of this niche is, teaching others how to make money online, like affiliate marketing, eCommerce (selling products online), growing your business online to reach more clients, hell, even making money on websites like Facebook and Gumtree. If you are new to online marketing, I WOULD HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS NICHE. IT IS REALLY HARD TO PENETRATE, YOU NEED TO DO DOUBLE THE WORK, HAVE A NEW ANGLE, AND TO MAKE REAL MONEY LONG TERM, BE RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND TRUSTWORHTY!!
  • Self help – Also a huge niche, similar to health, this niche is a huge pyramid that trickles down into many sub niches. It ranges from addiction, singing, playing guitar, fixing your bike, hypnosis, meditation, so many ways to do this, and so many angles to tackle it from. Getting this niche right, and finding the right angle, and answering the proper questions, can really get you money for a very long time. There are some questions left unanswered, to such a terrible extent, that the only resource you can find is a website, set up 9 years ago, to a video on YouTube 6 years ago (sizing up competitors comes later). Finding the right approach to a category in this niche, can really see you rake in tons of views, money and help you excel your efforts, and scale up your income in time.
  • Relationships – Remember, not everyone is like you, and not everyone can do what you can. There are tons of people so caught up in work, that they can’t find love. Others just don’t know how to talk to people (dating). Others can’t even figure out how to make friends, or talk and known to be heard. You can help them. When I became a sales rep, I had sales experience, but I am very terrible at establishing relationships with people. I still am. So I asked my mentor, Eugene, who was my sales rep from many years ago, and boy did we struggle. Until he showed me a solution, to who I really am, and what my strengths are, and how I should use it. Turns out, I am not the sales savvy guy, who comes in, rakes up tons of sales today and makes all the commission. I actually care about my customers, and see how the company, and the products we have, even the service we provide, can benefit the customer. He told me one important thing, that what leads me to put other peoples interests first, will always be my best weapon, and always make me succeed. And guess what? It did. 4 Years later, I became the head sales rep at my company, I became a part of decision making, and guess what, the company grew at a steady rate of 21% (if you know about operating a business today, then you will know this is practically unheard of in South Africa). However, though as good as I was, givers like me, become irrelevant in the hands of the wrong employers (more about my story, and why I am doing what I am today in a later post, I want to help you get started first, and you can thank the subscribers like IB and JK for asking me to). This is just an example of how this niche can work to your advantage, the next heading will explain it.
  • Cooking – A huge variety, and very saturated. Think you are going to be special by telling the world about your national dishes? Don’t, I bet 1000zar it’s taken. I am not trying to discourage you, I want you to be cautious, take baby steps, size up your competitors, and move forward, with caution. Yes, you can penetrate this market, and yes, it won’t be easy. Like any of the niches, there is a way to penetrate it, and establish your own corner ( anyone can do it, you just have to be different). This is a niche I know how to tackle, I want to show you how properly. However, just be cautious. This niche, is profitable (not as profitable as the others), but to excel, and succeed, you need to start out properly, REALLY STICK TO IT, and master a form of traffic. Don’t worry, I will show you how to do this, the right way, and yield results from it.
  • Web hosting – This niche, is lucrative, I am running a small portion of the golden era of this niche, and you can too. In my previous post (here), I mentioned that a website is launched every few seconds. Web hosting, will and is, and always will be the pinnacle, and the backbone, of the most prominent brands, and businesses online. In the first module of starting affiliate marketing, I will explain this to you. You can still penetrate this, YouTube as a platform might look full,  but look at the following picture of just two weeks ago:

    This specific video, does not even have 100 views, but, it made me at least 4 sales. This is besides, what this specific website is doing for me.

    You need to think long term, questions you may have, and how to answer them. You can make it in any niche. This specific niche has hundreds of websites online. However, you can penetrate them. And you can be successful. I will show you how.

  • Adult niche (if you need to look the other way, this is the time) – This niche, is not like the other ones. This niche, will be thought of by many, however, few will take action. This niche brought me in at least $500 per week (you count the amount of days in a month, then per week, the closest round off amount is your earnings per week). . The adult niche is not only selling pornography, or the likes. There are other offers and products you can use to sell in this niche. The majority of it would be sign ups, to dating apps or services, or even selling toys and clothing.
  • DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) – If you want me to give you a whole list of niches (350+), you need to contact me, on the contact us page. However, I need to water this down, as this post is already 2300+ words long. I don’t want you to lose interest, and I don’t want you to sway away from the point (2406 words long now). The most prominent in this regard will be DIY. You can never run out of content on this. There is so much to write about, when you look at DIY. Do this yourself, do this yourself, make your own car, make your own door (pure examples). This would be well suited, to you, if you have taken up courses on this, actually do it, or had it as a subject on school. This method of affiliate marketing is SOOO HUGE!! Many of the people that run so very successful DIY channels, or create content around it, don’t even know they can make 10x their income form ad revenue on it via affiliate offers or products they sell. I will show you how to do this don’t worry, one step at a time guys. 
  • The rest of them – Read here, ( IT DOESN’T MEANT THAT I SAY THE REST OF THEM, THAT IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM IT, AND IT CANNOT EARN YOU SOME TYPE OF INCOME OR A LOT, IT IS ONLY UP TO YOUR OWN IMAGINATION, VIABILITY AND FEASIBILITY, I WILL ALSO DISCUSS THIS DOWN BELOW, SO STAY TUNED AND KEEP READING, I KNOW ITS LONG, I DO APOLOGIZE, BUT I WANT YOU TO HIT THE GROUND RUNNING AND AVOID ALL THE MISTAKES I MADE, THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING). The rest of them can be everything I have not covered here. Painting, art, as seen on TV, ice skating. It is really up to your own imagination. You all have it, and you need to exploit it. Don’t always limit yourself, but before you take that step, do your homework, do the math, and be cautious.

Well,  those are your niches, if you really want the list, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, don’t hesitate to ask me (I upfront apologize that it may take up to a week sometimes, but like I said, I launch a new site every month). You can ask me anything, if I don’t know it, I will go out there, with you, and find it (keep your niche, your secret).

What do you know about yourself?

how to choose your niche affiliate marketing

You and me, are completely different people, we might have a few similar interests, but other then that I doubt it. The same goes for me and my wife. You will always be different. My mother compared marriage to buying a horse. Of course I don’t know what owning a horse feels like, but I now have a really damn good idea.

The point I am trying to make is, that you know yourself better then anyone else. However, your friends and family may even know traits about you, that you don’t even see, or know you have. Ask them, it won’t hurt you. Do you love to talk? Do you love to give advice? Are you a dependable person?

When you get told whatever you are told (tell them to be honest, and be ready for constructive criticism, also only do this if you don’t know what you are good at or struggling to choose your niche), use it productively, weed out the problems and rediscover yourself. By doing this, you can ultimately change and better aspects about yourself, before your make mistakes down the road.

IMPORTANT: When also thinking about your niche, think about what you already know. Topics you love researching, experience you have gained etc. Then try to remember problems you had, questions you had, that  may never have been answered properly, or still remain a mystery to you (take the time to write them down). Don’t worry how stupid it is, also don’t worry how embarrassing it is. People love the internet, because they can remain anonymous, I will tell you how to in the next post, so if you are not on the mailing list yet, consider signing up, right at the bottom, or to the right of this page.

If you can answer those questions truthfully, and give them instructions (tutorials) on how to do it, you are on the right path. Then see what competitors are in your niche (more on that below), and size them up.

Once you know facts like this, you can start creating valuable content around your niche. Your niche can be anything, from what pillow to sleep on, to even how to bake an egg (I am not kidding you). People all over the world are asking these questions, this is going back to the differences between people you already know, and people you don’t even know. Again, be smart, be creative, and think out of the box.

Knowing if it will work – Feasibility and Viability of your niche

For those of you that know what the words Feasibility, and Viability means, then you are like me, we know how to draw up a proper business plan. For those of you that don’t (even if you do), then read well.

When you find your entry point, you need to find out who is your neighbor. This will be your next competitor. Look at WHAT THEY ARE DOING, BUT NOT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING! People can say one thing, but want you to take action on something else. This is where you will gauge what affiliate products or networks they refer you to. You will see that the top competitors will always have some type of freebie as well, but in the end, you will be lead to an affiliate product, or their own.

Some niches like I said, you won’t find affiliate products for, that is not a problem. Don’t panic, you can always use Ad revenue to generate, a healthy, sustainable revenue from your content.

The best way to tell if a business will work, is by doing a feasibility, and a viability test. The same applies to affiliate marketing. Look at your competition, see what they are doing, see what they are not doing (you need to look up at least 5 competitors in your niche – minimum).

When you established, that you can tackle them, by finding what they don’t discuss, or think its not important to, then you can by all means, start planning your content! This website is your case study, if you found it on Google, GREAT, if you found it on FACEBOOK, great, then my methods worked. However, for the right people.

This is the same system I always use to size up my competitors. Many times it revolves around long tail keywords, or discussing what they don’t. However, you also need to see how much traffic, your competitors get to that specific article, or related article you want to write about. On YouTube, you will be able to see their view count. For a website, you will need a tool like ubersuggest, start playing around with it here.

With UberSuggest, you can see more or less how much visitors they get, and also check the website health overall. You can even use this specific tool, to help you get some really good keywords to work off. However, keep in mind that some of these tools, are not always accurate.

The next step, is to look what type of affiliate offers you can add, to start generating an income from your content, once you start writing. The next module, I will discuss affiliate offers, cpa offers and the like.

Get started – Start planning content ahead

how to choose your niche

Now that you have the niche, and know what you would like to talk about, start putting up some questions for yourself. You have to look at it from a perspective of how you search the internet. Example: Someone won’t google golf, they will maybe google how to take two strokes off your swing.

That is how you title your content, and around what you structure it. Pose similar questions in your niche, that may be answered, or not yet have been, and answer them. Try to create at least 5 to 10 topics. If you can do that, then you know you are on your way to success.

Conclusion on How to find your Niche – with some free tools

how to find your niche

There you have a complete rundown, and walkthrough of how to find your niche and how to see if its profitable. As I keep saying, just be patient. Don’t rush into, at least get your content ready, and see what the demand is.

Here is a list of some free tools to help you find keywords, and questions around your niche.

  • Ubersuggest.com
  • Tubebuddy.com – great tool for YouTube
  • smallseotools.com
  • Google adwords – Keyword planner
  • AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  • Google Keyword Correlate

That should basically be all you need. There are some paid tools, however, some work well for video, and others work well for websites. If you are doing social media, you rarely need these keyword tools. It also really depends which platform you will be using, as some of them will rank in Google, and others not.

I hope this guide has helped, or will help you, not only find your niche, but how to be profitable with it as well. The next post, we will look at affiliate networks, and some affiliate programs. There is a difference, and I will explain how. We will also look at how to see if a product is actually worth promoting.

Thanks for reading! Start planning and researching.




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