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JaguarPc Hosting Review

If you have heard of JaguarPc, then you might have heard they have remarkable up time. In this JaguarPc hosting review, we will take an in depth look at this claim. If you were told that, you were either told by an affiliate, or a happy customer.

It is not uncommon for some hosting providers to make such claims. In the end, every one of them has their cons. This can be found easily online. It may take some digging through all the song and praise websites.

In this JaguarPc review, we will be looking at every aspect of this hosting provider. So without keeping you too long, lets get into the details.

About JaguarPc hosting

JaguarPc has been around for more then 20 years. The company was founded in 1998. The founder Greg Landis, is a former USAF veteran. He grew the business from one Cobalt RAQ, to managing thousands of servers worldwide.

Their place emphasis on their company mission. That being exceptional service, and dedicated customer support. This is what fueled their growth to becoming the company they are today. The company has a passion for what they do. They provide hosting for any type of customer, with 100% up time.

With that being said, I think we can look into what they offer. This post will be lengthy, as they have a wide variety of services. I will list them in detail to make it easier for reading.

JaguarPc hosting

JaguarPc Hosting features

As with many hosting providers, JaguarPc has a large variety of features. However, JaguarPc does have some extras that cater to small businesses and new website owners. We will take it from step one. The basic features to the more advanced features.

We will also include pricing per plan. Each plan along with pricing, will be listed with features. There are also coupon codes available for discounts.

(Please note, all pricing charged at 36 months)

WordPress shared hosting:

All the WordPress hosting options come complete with many freebies. They have daily automated backups. They also feature free SSL and CDN, and also JaguarPc optimized 300% faster WordPress websites.

  • WordPress hosting – A great option for newbies. This is also good for your own personal website or a blog. It is priced at $3.96pm for one website, and staging site. You get 40 thousand unique visitors and 15 Gigabyte SSD storage.
  • WordPress developer – Priced at $11.96 pm, this type of hosting is aimed at mainly developers and small businesses. You get up to 4 websites, and unlimited staging sites. You also get up to 50 gigabyte SSD storage with 250 thousand unique visitors.
  • WordPress Agency – This is the fastest WordPress performance. It is also combined with Cloud hosting. You can host up to 12 websites, with unlimited staging sites. You also get 120 gigabytes cloud storage for $25.56 pm.

JaguarPc guarantees reliable, optimized and highly secure WordPress hosting. Transferring your website to their cloud, is fairly easy and fast. They are managed by WordPress experts and have the latest WordPress plugins and tools.

The following features also come with their WordPress hosting. This is for those who are looking for more then just a blog or personal website.

  • WooCommerce – A robust, easy to use eCommerce solution for your website. WooCommerce is an open source WordPress plugin. This gives you the ability to create a shopping cart experience for your website.
  • BuddyPress – This plugin will convert your WordPress install into a social network. It gives your members and visitors the ability to interact with each other on a multi blogging platform.
  • Open cart – A fast, reliable and easily customized shopping cart for you website. It gives the ability an interactive online store. Packed with features from templates, plugins and extensions.
  • Multisite – A feature to create a network of WordPress sites within your WordPress install. You users can create their own sites, share themes and plugins. All while you remain in complete control.

That about covers JaguarPc hosting on WordPress hosting. As you can see, there are multiple add-ons. Their main focus on WordPress is their speed and simplicity for the users.

JaguarPc Business cloud hosting:

For small businesses, competition can at times be hard. A website helps provide an online presence for your business. The world has changed a lot. Many customers search the internet for information on a product or service of a company.

For this reason, it is important to have a fast loading website. Also a website that is online at all times. Customers come from all walks of life. They may want to access information at any time of the day. So it is important that you provide them with it, and not have them fall on the competitors website.

JaguarPC offers reliable hosting for the purpose. It also provides you with tools to build and maintain your website. Allowing you to retain full control of your website.

  • Business starter – This plan is for new business websites, or those that are setting up a website for an existing business. In terms of business traffic, it handles low traffic at a price of $6.97 pm. It allows for one website, with 20 gigabyte RAID storage. You will be able to receive up to 50 thousand visitors to¬† your website. You will also get 450+ pre-installed apps and boldgrid website builder.
  • Business eCommerce – Cloud based eCommerce hosting for businesses costs $20.95. This is if your business sells products, or services online. It enables customers to browse products and services, add them to cart and pay. Or if payment is not done via the website, book a call or an invoice. You will be able to have up to 5 websites. You will also receive 100 gigabyte SSD storage and unlimited visitors to your website. Your website will also be 300% supercharged with full eCommerce features. You also have unlimited FTP, emails and databases. The plan costs $20.96 pm.

cPanel Reseller Hosting:

If you are looking for affordabel reseller plans, then JaguarPc is for you. Not only are the prices affordable, but they come fully white labeled. The plans are well priced, and come with one click installations on all the latest software. Such as WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Xoops, Open cart, Xcart, Drupal and tons more.

All cPanel reseller plans come equipped admin access to WHM. This also includes Enom reseller accounts and to all JaguarPC software and features.

  • Advanced reseller hosting – The package is priced at $34.95 pm. You get up to 75 gigabyte storage and 1000 gigabyte bandwidth. You can have up to 75 resold accounts and Custom name servers.
  • Premium reseller – This plan is a cloud reseller hosting. It costs $64.95 pm. You will receive 150 gigabyte SSD storage and 3000 gigabyte bandwidth. You will get 150 resold accounts and 300% faster Jaguar optimized sites.

Cloud Server hosting:

JaguarPc offers cloud hosting to accommodate Linux and Windows users. They have high cutting edge software and reliable enterprise hardware.

  • SSD cloud – This is aimed ad minor developer needs, at $5.00 pm. You will receive 1 gigabyte RAM and 10 gigabyte SSD storage. It also comes with one CPU core and 1 Terra byte bandwidth.
  • Managed cloud – This plan gives you 4 gigabytes of ram and 40 gigabytes of SSD storage. You will receive 2 cores and WHM/cPanel at $39.00 pm.
  • Cloud hosting – Priced at $20.96 pm, this plan comes complete with eCommerce feature. You will be able to host 5 websites with 100 gigabyte SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • WordPress cloud – This plan is priced at $6.97 pm. With 20 gigabyte storage and 50 thousand monthly visitors. It is also fully WordPress optimized and comes with CDN, cache and SSL included.

Managed cloud also comes in higher tier packages. This is all dependent on your needs. Please follow this link to see all managed cloud packages.

Dedicated server solutions:

JaguarPc hosting has two types of dedicated server solutions. They both come packed with features. Each of the dedicated servers come with root access, remote reboot, IPMI and unlimited outbound traffic. Each server also receives 20 Terra byte bandwidth, with 99.9999% up time and 10 times service level agreement.

  • Unmanaged single – The cost of this plan is $89.00 pm. You will receive 16 gigabytes of RAM and up to 4 cores. You will also receive 4 hard drives and 6 Terra byte space for each hard drive.
  • Unmanaged dual – This planned is priced at $229.00 pm. It comes with 64 gigabyte RAM and up to 24 cores. You will also receive 4 hard drives up to 6 Terra bytes each.
  • Managed single – This plan also comes with 4 hard drives and 6 Terra bytes per drive. It costs $450.00 pm with 32 gigabytes RAM and up to 4 cores.
  • Managed dual – Priced at $595.00 pm with 4 hard drives and 6 Terra byte per hard drive. You also get up to 12 cores and 64 gigabytes of RAM.

Payment options for these plans come in various methods. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal and Bitcoin. Servers are provisioned in less then 4 hours. The dedicated technicians building your server will personally keep you updated during the process.

The payment plans are also very flexible. You can rent dedicated servers from JaguarPC on a monthly basis. However, if you are looking to save money, you can buy the servers in advance. You can contact live support here for more information.

Web Design specialists

JaguarPc hosting also offers web design for their customers. If you want to have a unique look and feel, you can arrange for a complete design of your own. They also have a partnership with top SEO companies, to develop a winning strategy for your website.

Install the latest version of WordPress to use as a CMS. You can also create a unique custom theme of your choice. You can also install your company logo, images, video or other content on your website. There is also a range of selected standard and advanced plugins to work with your website.

You will also receive Yoast SEO for better search rankings and create custom based web-pages with client desired functionality. They also provide full training on how to manage your site and publish content to it.

JaguarPc hosting

Pros and Cons of JaguarPc Hosting

JaguarPc does guarantee a lot. They guarantee 100% up time and 300% faster websites of WordPress. Their features and services does look amazing. It has a complete list of hosting features from novice to advanced.

However, there are a few drawbacks. Since I was not able to find more then one customer review on trustpilot. I had to look around. Their website also just focuses on 5 star reviews. It is hard to see how they respond to their customers and criticism as a whole.


  • All in one web hosting solutions.
  • IT services for businesses who wish to have a presence online.
  • Up time and faster websites.
  • Over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • A 45 day full money back guarantee.


  • Not many customer reviews to go buy.
  • The pricing is a bit high compared to others.


That is all we have on JaguarPc hosting for you. They do seem to know what they are doing. With so many years in the business its hard to see they could have a flaw.

The pricing is a bit high, but there are coupon codes available. If JaguarPc is not for you, then have a look at this list. We also have a much cheaper option, if you are just looking for pure hosting here. To get the coupon codes for JaguarPc, click the button below. Thanks for reading, hope this helps you out. Good Luck!!

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