Legit ways to make money online 2020 and beyond

Legit ways to make money online 2020

Legit ways to make money online 2020

Are you looking for some extra income, or making a full time living online? Well, here are some Legit ways to make money online in 2020 and beyond. Get a pen and paper handy, as I will list the best ways and real methods to do so.

You may be looking for ways to earn money online, or have been for some time, and none of those methods seem to work, or its not really profitable, or what you expected. Spoiler alert, nothing is. If its too good to be true, IT REALLY IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Don’t let yourself be fooled, by sweet tongue lies of marketers, YouTube gurus and some websites, who are only seeking to gain your attention. To be quite honest, some of the methods they may tell you do work, but you are not being told the whole truth about it.

The whole point of their strategy, is to get you hooked on content, and in the end being sold something. This is a very deceitful method of making a sale. I believe in giving proper value, and also helping as much as possible. I was also there, and followed them blindly. STOP THE SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME, and get real with it.

Now, there are many legit ways to earn an income online. However, the financial incentive to them vary, on the type of work you will be putting in, and also the methods you choose to use. TIP: Please read through them all carefully, and keep a clear mind. Choose one method, and stick to it. Choose a method that works for you. Don’t always take information at face value, and do your due diligence to find out more on a topic and a certain method. Everything is not always as it seems.

Okay, so with that said, you might consider bookmarking the page, or just sign up to my newsletter (blue and orange box on the right side), or even just one of my two YouTube channels, itsjustreviews and The Biz op space (i know its spelled wrong, now you know why I toned down my alcohol consumption).

These are in no specific order.

1: Doing simple tasks online

This type of earning method, is very common online. Most YouTube personalities, and other online gurus will refer you to these kind of websites. These tasks are usually very easy to do and require minimal effort, to somewhat effort and skill to complete.

A good example of this is Amazong mechanical Turk. You will usually see an offer wall, and the amount you will earn upon successful completion of the tasks. Some websites may specialize in just one method of your being able to earn money, and others may have a selected amount of tasks. Some really reputable ones, may even offer you training, so you can do the tasks successfully, and having their work run smoothly for their customers.

However, there are a few drawbacks, and some shady websites to look out for. Wolfpoints,  is one shady website. They do not offer any tasks, and well, they essentially sell your information. Some websites are designed for just this purpose. You will never find any tasks, just an inbox full of spam emails.

The earning potential of some of these websites are very low. This is very contrary to what they advertise. The reason is, that they will daily have a ton of applicants, sometimes into the hundreds. There is simply not enough tasks to go around for everyone. So, newer users, may not get a chance, as they prefer older, more experienced workers above new ones.

Legit ways to make money online 2020

2: Freelance services

This can be a really lucrative method of making an income online, especially if you have a certain skill set which you are really good at. A good example would be to check out this video, (besides the whole commentary of the video, I do advise watching the whole video to see just how he became a hit).

Websites of this nature offer you, as a stand alone freelancer, the opportunity to get paid, doing tasks for clients, who either do not know how to do it, or do not have the time. You can also set your own prices, and packages to up-sell and increase your income at the end of the day.

However, you may again get it wrong, if you have heard of this via some sort of video or website, who highly exaggerate income earnings. Firstly, if a task is easy, there is no doubt you will have a ton of competition. Even if you have a special skill set, chances are, there are many other freelancers doing the same thing.

This method will need you to exercise patience and once you get a task, do it properly, and ask for a good rating and testimonial. There are many methods of earning. You can check out Fiverr here, and take a look at what they have currently running.

You can also do this locally, by putting up an add in the classifieds. However, the danger here is, that you may not get paid, or a customer who asks a refund, and still uses your content you created. Platforms like Fiverr offer a safe environment for transactions, where you work cannot be taken, and all watermarked, so the buyer can pay before downloading.

Legit ways to make money online 2020

3: Content creation

Content creation, can come in various forms. This can range from video, having your own website (like what I do) or even sharing content via social media. If you are considering this, then you will need to choose a method that you are comfortable with, and produce content that is helpful, viral and most importantly, topics you know about extensively.

Video content is extremely profitable. Creating videos, on whatever, can rake in a massive amount of viewers. Especially if its tutorial based, or info based. People love learning new things, and majority of people choose to learn via video. Reason being, its ingrained into our being. We are visually taught from a very young age, and we still prefer to visually learn today. Seeing something being done, rather then reading, is a much better way of learning.

A website should also not be excluded. The use of search engines has increased drastically since 2007. It will only increase as time go on. Having a website, which  targets a specific topic, and going into multiple in depth posts on that specific topic, will see you reach the top of search engines, and stay there for a very long time. Using this in conjunction with video, can only increase the following, and earning potential of your content.

Social media is still a good place, and will remain so, also for a very long time, to get your content seen, and create a following. Many of you may have come here from either Pinterest, or Facebook. So, you can see the value of social media.

Having some sort of affiliate product, to monetize your content works well. If you do not have, then directing them to a platform where you can generate Ad revenue will result in a sustainable income for a long time to come. However, Ad revenue earnings, is very low. It is usually between $2 to $8 per 1000 engagements. This means, you would need to have a massive amount of followers, and traffic to reach a satisfactory amount of ad revenue.

To be brutally honest with you, this method requires knowledge of SEO. It also requires a good know how of your chosen topic, good in depth information, and also patience. You need to work on it constantly to start seeing results. Your website won’t magically appear in search engines, and your videos won’t just shoot up to top rankings.

There are various methods to aid in helping you get to the top, however, it still does not guarantee you will. I build niche sites, and create videos on a daily basis, so you can really take this advice at face value. If you are not sure how to do it, consider taking a course to educate yourself on how to do this properly. You can check out these courses here.

4: Lead generation

Okay, I have to clear the air here, especially for my fellow South Africans who come here, searching the topic of you know who. There is a huge difference between digital marketing and lead generation. Digital marketing, is running any business online, where you sell products, affiliate products, sell services, or just create content to generate ad revenue.

Lead generation is the process, of collecting emails of individuals, in hope of turning them into a customer, or a follower of your content. With that out of the way, you need to read this carefully.

Generating leads for a business, or for yourself can be very useful, to some extent. However, you will majority of times, have to give away a free gift (lead magnet), in return for an email. Then you have an email sequence, which you have to warm up the customer to a sale, showcasing your offers, or content. THE AVERAGE CONVERSION OF EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION, IS JUST 2%. So please don’t let people blow smoke in your face, or exaggerate expectations of lead generation.

The business however, can still be profitable, but you have to take a lot into consideration. If you are using free methods to get leads, then you are good to go. They may take a lot longer then paid. Paid methods are running ads on social media, or search engines, for specific keywords, so when people search it, they will see it. You can also run ads targeting a specific group of people, with a specific criteria and in a specific geographical location. However, it does not mean that everyone who signs up to your mailing list, will become a customer.

Let me also stress the following, THERE IS NO SECRET METHOD FOR LEAD GENERATION. Its like saying that a hammer has a secret hidden in it to bake cakes. No it does not, the same with email marketing. Anyone who says otherwise, is just trying to sell you something. Be careful, and do your homework diligently.

There are tons of free eBooks and courses online that will give you training on how to properly spend your money on paid ads, and how to do it cost effectively and efficiently. Also, take into consideration, that you will have to spend money to get money here. Email autoresponders become very expensive over time, as you gain more email subscribers. Ad spend also goes up and down, due to price increases, or the certain keywords, or group or geographical location of people you are targeting.

5: Digital Arbitrage

This is one you will be very familiar with. You may have seen ads about this on TV, or on websites. This method involves, buying and selling on websites like eBay and Locanto. My brother in law (and business partner) is a real veteran with this method, I never actually had the knack, or the patience for it.

It works like this, if you have possessions that you no longer use, you can sell them online. Or, if you find something online for cheap, which you can flip for a profit, by selling it on the same website or another.

Okay, but you have to know something first. Stick to what you know here. If you know that what you want, or what you want to sell can go for higher, or actually be of a valuable sale when you flip it, then do it. If you don’t know what you are doing, just stay away. This method is very risky. Something that has value for you, may not always have value for a large portion of the people visiting that website. So just be cautious with this method.

Domain flipping is a good way to do arbitrage. Domain names, are the name of a website. If you can find a good name of a website, and register that domain, you can essentially flip it for a profit. People like me, buy domain names, that are very similar to the content of the website, so we pay big money for it. Example, i want a vegan website about say, vegan dog food, you have a domain that says, bestvegandogfood dot com, to me it would be the value of around $1000. Why? Well, I can not only host a website about dog food, and make ad revenue of about $1000 pm, and even sell affiliate products up to the value of $2000 pm.

6: eCommerce

If you don’t know what this is, and you don’t know how big this is, then you have really been living under a rock (are you Patrick star from sponge bob?). eCommerce is selling products online. There are two ways of doing this successfully. Please forget Amazon FBA program, if this is what comes to mind. Amazon has so much crap involved with selling on their platform, it makes it really difficult for new comers to turn a profit, for long term sustainability. It will feel more like a job, then a business (the main reasons for wanting your own business should be financial freedom and time freedom).

With eCommerce, you will have to niche down. If you are good at fishing, and love it, why not then create an eCommerce store? You can, however, there are costs involved in this method. Also, don’t again get fooled and smoke blown in front of your eyes with this method. Many gurus online will be telling you how to do it, and its not always practical, or even profitable.

Different methods of eCommerce can work for the right purposes, and methods being applied to it. The way we do it is different from the way an Amazon affiliate will do it (Amazon made over $17 billion last year with eCommerce).

The first method, buying your stock, and selling it online on Amazon, or via your own website. Thats how we do it. However, do not compare yourself to our method, we have a shop running, with a full website, and we supply other stores with what we buy.

Another method is not actually having the stock, but the store. I know this sounds strange, but it is a combination of having an agreement with factories in China, who ship daily, and you having PayPayl, payments in place. So if a customer buys for example, fishing hooks from your store, the order and payment is done automatically.

This method you will need to really niche down. You will also need to invest in this method, and be comfortable that it won’t really materialize and turn a profit for you. However, in future, I will be putting out some courses for you. This will a combination of what to do and what not to do, to gain success. FREE!!

7: Affiliate marketing

By far the best way for me. I have tried, and done and still doing some of the above, but affiliate marketing is my method. Why? Well, you don’t have to spend much, or nothing at all to make a profit. You get paid when you make a sale, its not a damn job. This is an affiliate site, which generates me a handsome monthly income.

However, this is another area of income online, which has a ton of gurus promising this and that, but their methods do not deliver. I want to tell you the following from experience.

Pick your niche, properly. Affiliate marketing, and eCommerce requires you to have a niche, which you understand and work with. DIGITAL MARKETING AND GENERATING LEADS FOR A RESTAURANT OR HAIR SALON OR AS YOU EMPHASIZE NEIL MALAN, DOES NOT REQUIRE A NICHE.

With affiliate marketing, you have 3 methods of approach. First one, is recommending a product. You have to offer help, advise, and tips to generate income with this method. You have to gain trust, and a following, similar to what I am doing now. Then recommend a product, that YOU KNOW WILL HELP THE READER OR VIEWER.

Second method of approach is paid advertising. This, is expensive, and does show results faster, however, its not my favorite option. I choose SEO, building websites, they rank for a very long time, and bring an income in for years to come, before a competitor really takes you down. Advertising is very volatile. There are many platforms for advertising, what most people don’t tell you, is that certain ads work better on native ad platforms then on Facebook, and others are just for Facebook or even Google.

The last method is via social media, creating Facebook groups or pages, and just constantly creating viral and helpful content to your niche. Like I said before, your niche has to be something you know, understand, and have tips to give, off the top of your finger. You need to build trust, and you need to build a mailing list later on.

Legit ways to make money online 2020 conclusion

Well ladies and gents (at the time of writing, there are only men on my list), these are the most viable and profitable methods of earning income online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or comment on any latest YouTube video I have made. I will respond. If you would like to know more on any of these methods, I will help you where I can. Also check out this post, for the best courses on affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading, sign up to the mailing list, you know you want to. Also, any questions, mail them to geronimo@itsjustreviews.com or any new YouTube video on any two of my channels. Cheers guys!


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