Savage Affiliates Review | in Depth Pros and Cons

Savage Affiliates Review

Savage affiliates is an affiliate course by Franklin Hatchett. When looking to earn money online with affiliate marketing, many will run into ad by Franklin Hatchett. He is an affiliate marketer with a successful track record. He has also been doing affiliate marketing and drop shipping for years.

Franklin Hatchett aims to help new affiliates start generating passive income online. He does this via YouTube and his in depth course, Savage Affiliates. I myself have taken this course in the past. We will now be looking into what you can learn from it, and how it can benefit you.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin is an online entrepreneur. He is well known in the affiliate marketing and drop shipping space. Franklin Hatchett runs multiple successful affiliate websites. He also has a YouTube channel, dedicated to teaching various methods for earning money online.

He is also very skilled in SEO and driving free traffic to websites. Franklin generally promotes products from different affiliate networks. He also gives free training, as an introduction to affiliate marketing.

savage affiliates review

What Savage affiliates aim to achieve

Savage affiliates, aims to help any new or struggling affiliate. The program teaches various methods to achieve success with affiliate marketing.

New affiliates – The course aims to train new affiliates. It is an easy method to learn affiliate marketing and become an online entrepreneur. Savage affiliates is jam packed with content, that shows you step by step methods.

Proven system –  The course is not new to the affiliate marketing space. Many, like myself have taken this course. It teaches proven methods and shows strategies to start earning affiliate commissions.

No long research – The methods that Franklin teaches, is aimed to eliminate months of struggling. The SEO hacks and integration of different tools will help you achieve success in a short time frame.

Passive income – You will ultimately be building assets which will generate you income passively for a long time to come. The methods that Franklin uses, teaches you to do the work now, and reap rewards later, passively.

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What Savage affiliates teaches in detail

Introduction – This is the first section in the Savage Affiliates course. Here you will be taught what affiliate marketing is. You will be explained and shown examples that are easy for you to understand. You will also be explained the various methods one can do affiliate marketing.

Choosing a Niche – In this module, you will be explained about choosing a niche. A niche is a category of products you would sell. Franklin explains to you what niche to choose, to make it easier for yourself, and earn commissions faster.

Websites – Here you will be taught how to build  your website. It is not needed for one, but many affiliates still make use of websites to generate their income. Here Frank will teach you step by step how to set up a money making machine, that will run on autopilot.

Funnel building – In the section of the course, Frank will teach you how to create basic sales funnels. This will go from opt in pages, landing pages and to more advanced forms of sales funnels. This is to take your potential customer through a sequence and warm them up for a sale.

Email marketing – Email marketing is a great method for increasing sales on the back end. Frank teaches here the best software to use. He also shows you how to automate workflows and collect emails. He also uses a specific software that helps your emails get delivered where you want them to. And make sure they get opened.

Clickbank – In this module Frank will take you through the market place. You will be shown how to navigate the Clickbank marketplace and also secret forms that you need to fill in. He will also show you how to choose a good converting product for your niche.

Amazon masterclass – In this module, you will be taken to the biggest affiliate market place on the planet. Frank will show you how to get accepted to the network. He will also show you high converting, high commission products you should choose on Amazon.

SEO training – Here you will be taught how to rank your website. Various methods are shown on how to always rank well in search engines. This will show you  how to structure your content, how to utilize keywords, and how to do research for them. You will also be taught proper backlink methods.

Paid Traffic – In this module you will be taught about paid traffic. This is essentially running paid ads to generate traffic to your website. Frank will show you how to create engaging ads. He will also show you methods of how to increase engagements  with your specific ads. This ranges from Google, Facebook and YouTube.

Free Traffic – Free traffic is the best. Like me, Frank also makes use of free traffic. The reason is that this is what makes your income passive and runs everything on autopilot. Frank shows you various methods to drive massive amounts of  target free traffic to your affiliate offers. You will be taught how to create a following if needed and send them to your website or affiliate offers.

Launch Jacking method – This module of the course is aimed at a potential jump start for new affiliates. Here you get taught how to legally steal customers from bigger affiliates. This method focuses on writing content on new products before they hit the market. Thus making you the first highly ranked post relevant when searched.

Web hosting – This part falls under launch jacking. It teaches you to utilize the popularity of web hosting. This is for you to establish yourself within a ever growing market segment. Many people launch websites daily, and they all need hosting. You will be shown how to get your hosting offers out there and earn revenue.

The Pros and Cons of Savage Affiliates


  • Beginner friendly – The course is very beginner friendly. If you are looking to get started with affiliate marketing, then this course is for you.
  • Great price – You get 2 price ranges. $197 and $297. This is very budget friendly for those who are on a tight budget.


  • Hidden costs – There are various products and services which you will need to purchase during the course. Those are clickfunnels, hosting and email marketing software such as getresponse.
  • Launch jacking – Launch jacking is not for new affiliates. If you do not know much about online marketing, your posts will be very generic and similar to the sales page. The products offered are mainly for affiliate marketers and veteran affiliates. If your content has no real informational value besides just what they sales page says, you will not get any sales.
  • Clickfunnels – This software is NOT for new marketers. It is very expensive to use. The retention rate for clickfunnels is from 1 to 11 months at most. New affiliates should use thrive themes instead of clickfunnels. Most of the new affiliates are trained to sell only clickfunnels. They hardly ever get beyond it and utilize the training properly.
  • Bluehost – Frank uses Bluehost. This hosting provider has very terrible reviews online. Many bloggers and users are leaving their platform. They are prone to downtime, poor customer service, low pay per commission and were recently acquired by EIG, who is known for making a hosting provider crap. A2 hosting gives much better commissions and service. You can also sign up sub affiliates to increase your income. (sign up as an affililate here)
  • Not all for cheap?Not all the features of the course are included for the $197 price. You have to buy the higher price for some of the features listed above.

Super affiliate system review

What I recommend

Although Savage affiliates by Franklin Hatchett has  a lot to offer. It pales in comparison to my number one recommendation. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, and you want high success rate, look no further then The Super Affiliate System.

Here are my reasons for recommendation:

  • It has all the same training, and much more then Savage affiliates.
  • Savage affiliates leaves out a key instrument to affiliate marketing. How to write content that sells. This is included in SAS. This keeps a reader engaged and increases the chance of a sale.
  • John Crestani is a real super affiliate. He has won the Clickbank award for selling over $1 million a year on clickbank 3 years in a row.
  • The price is a lot more budget structured and affordable. You will only be paying $47 pm with SAS.
  • The whole course lasts six weeks, and has over the shoulder training.
  • You get a lot of free DFY funnels and email swipes that can help you get commissions a lot faster and sooner.
  • There are weekly gifts for all students who complete a weeks training and tasks set out for you. These are all market related gifts which you can use to grow your affiliate business.
  • You get free ad coupons. Every student gets free ad coupons of up to $900 worth. This is a steal. It is well worth the $47 pm.
  • The whole program is aimed at helping you reach your goals in a short amount of time.
  • The program utilizes methods for selling high ticket products.

If you are serious about starting affiliate marketing, then I would highly suggest SAS. The whole course is centered around helping you gain success fast. There is no better alternative.

Thanks for reading my Savage affiliates review. You can access free training for the SAS by clicking the link down below.

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