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sendiio 2.0 review

Sendiio 2.0 Review

Do you want to know more about Sendiio 2.0? Well, then this Sendiio 2.0 review, is just for you. I will detail all the features of Sendiio 2.0. I will also tell you about the new ones and how it will help increase not just open rates, but better engagement with readers. Also the cool features you can add within emails.

Email marketing has become the backbone of most business today. Not even just email marketing, you now have to engage with your clientele on all social media platforms, even SMS. If you don’t, then there is a good chance your competitors will swoop them up. Or even worse, they forget all about you.

Email marketing is also not cheap nowadays. Nasty fact, most email marketing service providers, will charge you more for more subscribers. Even if those emails are never opened. What is the solution? Sendiio 2.0.

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Sendiio 2.0 Product overview

Sendiio 2.0 is an email marketing tool, created by Ali G. You may know him from first page ranker, which is also one of his amazing products. First page ranker was made to help rank videos on YouTube and Search engines in top rank in no time. Sendiio is already an existing product, but now has been revamped, and upgraded with a ton of features for email marketing.

Sendiio 2.0 is also more then just an email marketing tool. It is also an autoresponder for social media, and SMS. It also allows you to add engagement elements within your emails, without using tools such as MailEngageX.

Sendiio 2.0 features

The features are split into three segments. First, I will cover the email marketing. Second, the sms and lastly social media features.

Feature #1 – Email marketing and campaigns no montly fee

  • Import Unlimited Email contacts – With Sendiio, you can import all of your email contacts, without need verification. Its true, that some subscribers, will not go through all the trouble to confirm to be added to another list. Even if they have been subscribed to your list for years. Sendiio lets you add them, bypassing another verification step, and preventing the loss of subscribers.
  • Unlimited email lists – Just as you can import unlimited contacts, you can also create unlimited email lists and assign each list of imported emails to their own separate email list. This is extremely powerful if you’re operating in different niches, are building different brands, have different products and services, need to keep your free subscribers separate from your PAID customers or anything in between. With Sendiio you can create as many different email lists as you want.
  • Unlimited Optin forms – You can also build unlimited optin forms. It doesn’t matter which tools you use. Sendiio 2.0 is compatible with many page builders. ClickFunnels, LeadPages, OptimizePress, ProfitBuilder, Elegant Themes or ANY other lead-capture page builder. You can easily create the forms, copy the HTML, or iFrame and paste.
  • Unlimited follow up campaigns – Passive income from lists, come from automated campaigns. With Sendiio, you can create unlimited follow sequences. This is very useful if you have multiple email lists, in different niches.
  • Unlimited Broadcasts – Some of us prefer to send emails daily, making them unique and more engaging. No problem. You can send unlimited one-time broadcast campaigns within Sendiio 2.0. This is very good if you want to announce special promotions.
  • Unlimited domains – Sendiio 2.0 also allows you to connect unlimited domains. If you have multiple sites, or domains you use, this can be very handy. It allows you to be flexible, and chase after many niches, or sub categorize in a specific niche, and still build an email list from your assets.
  • Unlimited emails – You can connect to your cPanel SMTP within mere seconds. This allows you to send as many emails, as your hosting provider allows you to (NEED UNRESTRICTED EMAIL WITH UNLIMITED EMAILS? CHECK OUT A2 HOSTING HERE – FREE CLOUDFLARE CDN , FREE SITE MIGRATION AND A MASSIVE DISCOUNT).
  • Flexible scheduling – With Sendiio 2.0 you can schedule your campaigns and broadcasts, as far ahead as you’d like. Not every marketer is the same, and some may have a longer workflow then others. Sendiio 2.0 is flexible and suitable for each and every marketer and their workflows.
  • Any SMTP provider – If you are not using your hosting providers SMTP, then no problem. You can connect to any premium SMTP provider within minutes. Sendiio integrates with MailJet, amazon, sendgrid, mailgun etc. Regardless of which one you use, you can still enjoy the benefits of Sendiio 2.0.
  • In depth statistics – You can see all the statistics of your emails, and subscribers from your dashboard. Sendiio not only allows you to check who opened and who didn’t, who clicked on links or not. It also allows you to see the Geographical location of your subscribers. It also show you the devices their using and tons more. This will allow you to effectively target them with offers more suites for them.
  • Resending – With the information above, you can now take action on those who didn’t react to your emails. You can now edit your subject lines or optimize your emails especially to those who may not have opened, or in many cases have just bulk deleted emails.
  • Step by step training – If you are not sure about switching, or find that a new learning curve off putting, then don’t worry. Sendiio 2.0 has complete step by step training, which will show you in detail how to use all the features and video tutorials to get you up and running as fast as possible.

The video below is a demo of the email marketing segment of Sendiio 2.0

Feature #2 – Text messaging campaigns with no monthly fee

  • Unlimited phone numbers – Similar to your email list, you can also import any phone numbers you have of subscribers. This can be done within seconds of logging into your dashboard.
  • Unlimited phone lists – You can also keep unlimited lists with numbers. Especially if you are in different niches.
  • Unlimited Opt in forms – Sendiio for SMS marketing, also allows you to create unlimited opt in forms for cellphone subscribers. As with emails, these also integrate with any of the tools you may use. A simple html or ifram copy and paste and done.
  • Unlimited SMS sequencing – You will also be able to schedule, unlimited Sms follow sequence campaigns. Sms marketing is a very powerful tool if used correctly. Allowing a similar follow up as with email, will deliver much better results, as its much more personal.
  • Unlimited One time Broadcasts – Sendiio also allow you to create broadcast campaigns for Sms. You are also no restricted on the amount of broadcasts you wish to send.
  • Unlimited text messages – By connecting to your Twillio account, or creating one, Sendiio will allow you to send unlimited text sms campaigns with absolutely no monthly fee.
  • Flexible scheduling – You will also be able to schedule your text campaigns as with email. If you have a certain workflow you wish to follow, or sequence, you can do so. Sendiio gives you the same features for text campaigns, as with email campaigns.
  • Full Stats – There is no need to use link cloaking  anymore. Firstly, people know they are used for spam, and don’t always click on links they don’t recognize as a website. Sendiio 2.0 has advanced link tracking, to see which of your subscribers click your links, and from which geographical location they are from. The ones who did not click, you can retarget your campaigns to.
  • No experience needed – As will the email portion, you will also get full step by step training and tutorials. They will show you how to use and integrate all your features, so you can make the most of Sendiio 2.0.

Below is a demo video of the Text feature within Sendiio 2.0

Feature #3 – Unlimited Facebook messanger campaigns with no monthly fee

  • Unlimited Fan Pages – Sendiio will allow you to connect unlimited pages to your account. This makes it easy, if you are targeting different subscribers, in different niche interests. Its all a simple 3 step process.
  • Unlimited Subscribers – You will automatically be able to capture all your current and new subscribers from your Facebook fan pages. From the moment new users engage with your  fan page, Sendiio will automatically add them.
  • Unlimited follow up sequences – Added with adding new subscribers automatically, you can also instantly add them send them automated messages on autopilot. You will be able to create unlimited message campaigns for unlimited fan pages.
  • Unlimited Broadcasts – You can create unlimited broadcasts, to direct attention to special offers, or messages of interest. Similar to the text messaging and emails.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Easily schedule your campaign workflows. This works well, if you have a private Facebook group, which by you send daily tips or instructions for course tutorials or motivation.
  • Flexible follow ups – When directing them to a specific product, you can make use of your follow messaging campaigns to do so. This works the same as the email follow up sequence. And there is no limit to your sequence campaigns.
  • Automated trigger messages – You can create automated welcome messages for any of your fan pages. So once you gain a new subscriber, they will automatically be sent a welcome message from you.
  • Keyword based Chatbot replies – Having huge lists and multiple fan pages can sometimes take a toll. You cannot always reply to your subscribers. However, Sendiio 2.0 has a keyword based reply feature. You can write up replies, based on certain keywords, which they will automatically receive once they ask a question, or comment.
  • Keyword Based comment replies – This feature is not limited to just Chatbots. It can also be used for comments sections in groups or posts.
  • Full step by step training – You will also be taught step by step how to use your Facebook automation. Detailed tutorial videos will be provided.

Check out the video below. It’s a tutorial on the Facebook messanger segment.

Sendiio 2.0 is the first and ONLY platform, to combine all of the three biggest and most profitable communication methods in marketing under one roof. Sendiio can be used for Affiliate marketing, eCommerce, digital product vendors, local marketers, offline business and so much more

It makes capturing leads and gaining subscribers easily. They no longer have to leave Facebook to a landing page, which in turn makes it easier for you to market products, at a much lower cost. The text feature is also a much way of connecting to your subscribers on a personal level. Since Text inboxes are one click away, rather then navigating through menu’s.

sendiio 2.0 review

Sendiio 2.0 Bonuses

Upon your purchase of Sendiio 2.0, you will receive some general bonuses and also my CUSTOM made bonuses to hep you use Sendiio to its full potential. The following will be the bonuses from Sendiio, ending with what I have put together for you.

Sendiio 2.0 General bonuses: Limited availability

  • Bonus #1 Agency Access for limited time ($997 value) – This bonus will allow you to offer services to your agency clients, as well as your regular subscribers. Allowing you to profit off your purchase. Bonus offer disappears on 24th Feb midnight.
  • Bonus #2 Twitter Autoresponder ($97 pm value) – This bonus will allow you to direct message followers on Twitter. It will also have the same automation capabilities as with Facebook.
  • Bonus #3 Ringless Voicemail drops ($97 pm value) – This bonus will allow you to tap directly into the most used devices of your subscribers. Without ringing, you will be able to leave voicemail in their inbox.
  • Bonus #4 Live 90 min training session ($497 value) – With top level training from the creators, you will be able to hit the ground running with Sendiio. You will be shown exactly how to use Sendiio to its full potential, and get maximum results.
  • Bonus #5 Unlock 20% DISCOUNT code for Sendiio Academy – As a thank you, the Sendiio team, will be giving you a 20% discount for their academy. More on this below, in FAQ.

Sendiio bonuses CUSTOM MADE by me:

Watch this space

As you can see, the bonuses together offer real value to you. Sendiio is giving premium bonuses, to engage and use new services, or switch from current ones to one provider. It also gives you the ability to tap into contact methods that are extremely powerful.

My custom bonuses, will allow you to gain even much more success with Sendiio 2.0. These bonuses are proven to work, and its not some free downloadable PLR offer.

Sendiio 2.0 pricing and One time Offers

EARLY BIRD: $33 prize-freeze for the first 6 hours..


Then for the following 30 hours there will be a dimesale leading to $47 for Agency and $42 for personal .


Then on the 21st at 23:59:59 (i.e 22nd at 00:00:00): 

  • Price goes up by $10 for Agency and Personal ($57 and $52)
  • Coupon code to get a $5 discount “get5off” 


At 23:59:59 on February 23th-(24nd at midnight 00:00:00): 

  • The Agency License Bonus expires
  • And price goes up by another $10 ($67 and $62)
  • Coupon code to get a $7 discount “get7off”


From the 24th-closing time 


  • Use the coupon code “finalchance” to get $7 offer until closing



On February 25th at midnight 

  • The price goes to $97 for Pro and $87 for Personal
  • ALL the rest of the bonuses expire


Sendiio 2.0 FAQ

Frequently asked questions, will be quoted as from the product creator. I do not wish to change any of they wording, I will leave source link at the end of the quote.

  • Is there a monthly Fee?

    Not right now. During our charter-members sale, we’re waiving our monthly fee.

  • Is there any additional, required fees to make this work?

    Absolutely not. The only extra (optional) fees that you may incur, is if you choose to go with a premium SMTP provider to send your emails, however, most of them have a FREE plan and if you input multiple accounts, you can get up to 50,000 emails every month FOR FREE. Another cost that can incur is heavy usage of text messages. Since we integrate with Twilio for BEST delivery, they charge per text message sent. However, they have a PAY-AS-YOU-USE payment system, so you can profit while you use them instead of worrying about a monthly payment.

  • Do You provide step-by-step tutorials?

    Yes. We not only pride ourselves on building apps that are easy-to-use out of the gate, we’ve also put together complete tutorials on every step of Sendiio. And even if you still have trouble, our support is account to help.

  • What are your upsells?

    Upsell #1: is our Sendiio Academy Training – In this training I’m going to show you how to build your first 1,000 subscribers in the next 30 days or less. I’m going to share with you over 10 different FREE traffic strategies that you can start using TODAY to start building your list. This will be a one-time payment of $67

    Upsell #2: is unlocking our VA license – This powerful and UNIQUE feature to Send, is the ability to give access to your VA to run campaigns for you and NEVER compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but NEVER get access to ANY of your leads. NO OTHER autoresponder does this, with “those other guys” you have to actually give access to your entire account (and risk your leads being stolen) if you wanted to have someone run your campaigns for you. With this feature, you’ll still have the power to outsource, but NEVER compromise your leads.

    Upsell #3: is unlocking our Sendiio Booster feature – Yet another unique feature EXCLUSIVELY for Sendiio. Sending an email in the morning and then sending an email to those people who DID NOT open your emails LATER in the evening is one of the MOST profitable strategies when emailing your list. However, with EVERY other autoresponder, you actually have to LOGIN again in the evening time to schedule this second email. With Sendiio, we’ve automated this process. You set up your email ONCE in the morning time and you can have Sendiio AUTOMATICALLY send to your UNOPENS for you later in the day.

    You’ll be able to specify how many hours after your first email you want the second email to be sent And you’ll be able to automatically set a different subject line as well (another powerful trick when emailing your unopens)

    Upsell #4: is access to EmailRamp and it’s Club Upsell in ONE. EmailRamp come preloaded with high-converting emails that you can copy and paste directly into your Sendiio account so you can profit right away WITHOUT ever writing a single word yourself. They have over 1700 emails in 9 different niches and 10 different types of emails from storytelling, re-engagement, product launch, emotional emails and much much more.

    Plus I negotiated that they include their Club Upsell which allows customizing and personalizing the emails AND being able to send them to your VA within the app so they can send them out for you. You get access to BOTH for onl $67 which outside of this deal, you’d have to buy EACH SEPARATELY!

    And that’s it! no other upsell after that and of course, they’re ALL optional!

Quote source!

Sendiio 2.0 Review conclusion

I have enjoyed the review. Not only because I like talking and typing, but that I am reviewing a product that will actually benefit you. You may notice that some days I do not post. Well, I only post and review products worth my time and effort, and Sendiio 2.0 is one of them.

Sendiio really has a ton to offer. Other autoresponders may have similar qualities, yes that is true. However, you will always be capped or restricted on the use of those services. You will only have a small amount of sms messages, or emails or even worse, get charged for a higher amount of subscribers.

With Sendiio you can avoid all of those. You can instead add more features, with absolutely no restrictions, and with a ONE TIME fee. Don’t miss out one the amazing bonuses and ONE TIME OFFERS that you will get with Sendiio 2.0 today.

Thanks for reading, you can access Sendiio 2.0 below. Your bonuses will be sent to you after purchase.

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