SiteGround Vs A2 Hosting comparison

Siteground vs A2 Hosting comparison

If you are wondering which of the two is better, then you have come to the right place. This Siteground vs A2 Hosting comparison will take a deep dive into what they both have to offer. Both of these brands are pretty well known for reliability, and speed. However, we all know that there can only be one.

Both of these two providers have many good reasons to choose either. There has to be a difference in their services though. Choosing the proper hosting provider for your needs is important. Where one lacks, the other competes well.

This comparison of Siteground vs A2 hosting will be unbiased. All my data will be sourced from 3rd party resources. I am a customer of A2 hosting, but I cannot ignore that Siteground has a huge satisfied customer base as well.

What I will focus on, is their history first. After that, I will compare their performance. Services and any special services added on to plans. I will also compare price. Lastly, we will have a look at what real customers have to say. There is nothing better then hearing it straight from the horses mouth. Now, lets continue.

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siteground vs a2 hosting comparison

Siteground vs A2 hosting – A overview of both


Siteground was founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is reported to host over 2 million domains worldwide. Their offices are located in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Madrid and Plovdiv. The company currently employs over 500 staff members.

According to their website, Siteground has 5 data centers in 4 countries. They are located in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Singapore. The company also boasts that it employs highly trained professionals.

Siteground is also one of the recommended hosting companies for WordPress. You also have the ability to choose your server locations. They have a really good 24/7 support team. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their hosting services. (Wikipedia)

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was founded in 2003 in Ann Arbor. They are well known for being one of the fastest web hosting providers. They also pride themselves on being the Green hosting company. They a proud partner of, a leading organization in the battle against global climate change.

Their date-centers are located in the United states, Michigan and Arizona. international data-centers are located in Amsterdam and Singapore. They are also known for being very developer friendly. Their web hosting options are highly versatile, being able to choose between Linux and Windows hosting for shared hosting.

With A2 Hosting, you are also able to choose your server locations upon registration. A2 also offers a anytime full money back guarantee any time no questions asked.

Siteground vs A2 Hosting performance comparison

For those of you that don’t know, speed and up time is important for any website. Google loves fast loading websites. Users also like fast loading websites. If you don’t meet some of that criteria, you will ultimately be losing rankings and visitors over time.

Up time for your website is also very important. Nothing is worse then having visitors never return to your site, or either consider clicking your link again if it does not work. With that being said, lets look at the performance comparison for both web hosting companies.

Siteground performance

Siteground promises to deliver unrivaled performance. Taking what they say with a grain of salt, we looked at what the experts at had to say. (Note: They do not provide in depth information on hosting providers.)

  • Speed – From December 2017 up to March 2019, their speed has been at an average of 713ms.
  • Up time – Their server up time has also done very good. From December 2017 to March 2019, they have been at a near constant 99.99% up time.
  • Support – They have offered a consistent 24/7 support during the duration of the test. Very important if you need a problem sorted out fast.

A2 Hosting performance

  • Speed – A2 has the fastest load speed of any hosting provider tested. Their average page load time is 336ms.
  • Up time – Their up time was not as good as that of Siteground. They only had about 99.92% up time in comparison with Siteground.
  • Support – A2 also has a really good support team. They typically reply within 1 to 3 min. The support is live. As I am a customer of A2, I can vouch for their excellent support team.

siteground vs a2 hosting comparison


What Siteground and A2 hosting have to offer

This part of the post, I will list a chart to indicate the services offered by both. The chart will also include price. At the end of the chart, I will list additional information on both.

 SitegroundA2 Hosting
WordPress hostingYesYes
PriceFrom $3.95From $2.96
Business HostingNoNo
Ecommerce hostingYesNo
PriceFrom $3.95NA
Reseller HostingYesYes
Price$42.00 a year$9.80 pm
Cloud Hosting/VPSYesYes
Core VPSYesYes
Managed VPSYesYes
Unmanged VPSNoYes
PriceFrom $80 pmFrom $25 pm
Dedicated HostingNoYes
Core ServersNoYes
Managed serversNoYes
Unmanaged serversNoNo
PriceNAFrom $141.09 pm

Please note. The prices illustrated are only introductory prices. These prices also only apply if plans are purchased for a 12 month or longer period. Price increases after that period will see drastic price increases. If you are only looking for cheap affordable WordPress hosting, with no price increases, then read here

As seen above, the chart indicates the services offered by both Siteground and A2 hosting. Also take note of the following. The eCommerce hosting offered by Siteground, is not dedicated business eCommerce. If this is what you are looking for from a hosting provider, then click here

The hosting for eCommerce with Siteground is with Woocommerce. This is also offered by A2 hosting. They do not specify it as a separate hosting package. You can choose to install Woocommerce with WordPress shared hosting, or any of the other hosting features they provide.

The chart also shows us that A2 Hosting is much more versatile in hosting options. Siteground has very limited options when it comes to hosting. A2 in very few regards is more expensive then Siteground. However, this is only with reseller hosting. For the other price points, A2 hosting does have the edge with cheaper pricing.

SiteGround vs A2 Hosting comparison in features

The following table will provide the features both companies provide. These are features such as free SSL and technical support.

 SiteGroundA2 Hosting
Unlimited SSD/RAIDYesYes
Free Site MigrationYesYes
Automatic free backupsYesYes
Speed optimizationYesYes
Up time99.99%99.92%
Free SSLYesYes
Free CloudFlare CDNYesYes
Free HackscanNoYes
Free domainNoNo
Domain RegistrationYesYes
24/7 supportYesYes
Money back guarantee30 daysAnytime no questions asked

Both these hosting companies are basically on par. Although you might notice a Hackscan feature with A2 hosting. Hackscan is a security system that prevents DDOS attacks on your website. This allows your website to run safely, even during DDOS attacks. The features offered, are not that special as when comparing them to others. A2 hosting is  still in the lead however.

The money back guarantee is also a very unique option by A2 Hosting. The 30 day money back guarantee, is offered by almost all web hosting providers. However, it is not as promised. You will still be charged for services rendered. The money back guarantee is on prorated payment.

Meaning, that you will be given back any advanced payments made. This applies after 30 days. Whereas Siteground does not offer a money back guarantee after 30 days. It usually takes more then 30 days to notice any recurring problems with a hosting provider. A2 Hosting once again comes out on top.

SiteGround vs A2 Hosting CMS

CMS stands for content management systems. A CMS is a software application, that is used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. This enables you to create content, modify it, and the way your website looks.

An example of this is WordPress. WordPress is used widely today. It gives you, the user personal control of your website. You can edit it, as you please, without needing coding knowledge, or the assistance of a webmaster. The following chart, will illustrate the different CMS applications that the two hosting providers have to offer.

 SiteGroundA2 Hosting

Please note the following. I did not list all of the CMS applications for A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting has a very large variety of CMS applications. They have well over 300 CMS applications. I will go through them in a bit of detail below.

As you can see both these providers offer the basic most used CMS applications. However, As I said just above, A2 Hosting offers a very huge library of CMS applications. These are for different hosting purposes. A2 Hosting is dedicated to serve the hosting needs of any customer.

I will list the types of other hosting provided by A2, below in bullet format. I will also give a brief description of their hosting purposes.

A2 Hosting wider hosting services:

  • WordPress Hosting – The most common hosting used by most new bloggers. You can create simple websites from this. This can be for a personal blog, or a website dedicated to a certain topic or product.
  • CMS hosting – This is basically just a breakdown of all their CMS. They do offer a huge variety of them. These are the management systems designed to help you easily organize and publish content to your website.
  • CRM hosting – This is hosting for customer related management. Read more here.
  • eCommerce hosting – This type of hosting is designed for users who want an online store appearance. The website will be built to display products. These products can be your own, or those of another company. There are also other add on CMS applications to collect payments, and create a shopping experience. Similar to that of Amazon.
  • Forum Hosting – This is hosting for users who want a forum website. A forum is where different internet users can meet up, discuss topics or debate.
  • Linux hosting – This is hosting being hosted on the Linux server.
  • Wiki hosting – This type of hosting is for users who want a website similar to Wikipedia.

All these types of hosting are provided with A2 Hosting. They also have all the CMS for that type of hosting.

Siteground vs A2 hosting customer ratings

Clearly, I am not the only author who is writing about comparisons and reviews on products. However, I am the only author who will show you what real customers say about a brand.

Authors always have a motivation for pushing one. Customers on the other hand, do not, and have their own choice, to stay or leave. Customers can provide real feedback, that cannot be fabricate or hidden. The following two pictures you are able to click, and be taken directly to customer reviews on both companies.


siteground vs a2 hosting comparison

A2 Hosting

siteground vs a2 hosting comparison

There is an obvious large gap between the two. Not so much in ratings, but between the amount of selections. It is clear to see, that both of these have very good customer reports. Although Siteground does have a few with bad star ratings, it is overall very high.

A2 has less customer reviews, but the ratio on good to bad seems crystal clear.

Siteground vs A2 hosting comparison conclusion

What a topic. Both of these as we know, are very well know hosting providers. However, it is very clear to see who comes out on top. Although customers have different perceptions, it is easy to see that A2 Hosting does offer much more then Siteground.

Siteground however has a very high satisfaction level with customers. A2 on the other hand, wins hands down on price and speed. So our winner for today, is A2 Hosting. Thanks for reading.

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