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syndlab 2.0 review

Syndlab 2.0 Review

Tired of struggling to rank number one? Read my Synlab 2.0 review, and see how you can do it the easy way. Stop buying backlinks, stop the old fashioned black hat methods to rank in search engines. See how Syndlab 2.0 can do it all for you in a few clicks.

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I know how hard it is to rank in Google if you are using the wrong methods. I also know how expensive, useless and potentially detrimental gaining backlinks unnaturally can be for your website. STOP all of the crap methods. Google hates black hat methods (white head methods are just as bad), and start ranking your posts number 1 in no time, also your VIDEOS.

Syndlab 2.0 overview

What is Synlab?

Syndlab 2.0 is a content syndication tool, that will automatically post your articles, or blogs to multiple social networks (30+) with one click. Syndlab 2.0 is an updated, massively improved, on top of a really great product of the original Syndlab.

Product Creator

Created  by far, my most favorite product creator, Joshua Zamora. A man that knows what marketers want, and creates it. Known for creating software and service, that  are long lasting, and not fly by night shams.

Syndlab 2.0 Review

Syndlab 2.0 features

Here I will list all the features of Syndlab 2.0. I will include the regular and some of the newer features.

  • Fast Rankings – Syndlab 2.0 has is a powerful syndication tool, that can help you rank in Google fast, under 48 hours.
  • 30+ High quality social sites – With Syndlab, you can connect with 30+ high credential social media sites.
  • One click posting – You no longer need to log into each social site separately. Syndlab syndicates all your content with just one click.
  • Drip feeding – Syndlab 2.0 also offers a drif feeding option, that will give your site awesome natural link juice, which Google loves.
  • Scheduling – The platform also offers a very impressive scheduling tool. This allows you to schedule your posts, if you want to let them post at a specific time. Up to 14 days awesome automated syndication.
  • Reporting – You can also check your reports. Whats more, is that you can export full reports on your social syndication campaigns.

Newer features added

  • Faster syndication time – The platform has been completely upgraded. The whole syndication engine has been revamped, to deliver faster syndication, and faster results.
  • More social sites – You can up your syndication campaigns on more then just 30 sites. It has been pushed up to 51 sites in total (OTO 1 option purchase only).
  • RSS feeds – Syndlab now has RSS feeds of your campaigns. This will allow for even further syndication and indexing.
  • Campaign cloning – Campaign cloning as also added, for faster and easier syndication.
  • Facebook – Facbook picture and video added syndication is now also included, so your content can reach followers on the biggest social network in the world.
  • Instagram – Syndlab has also integrated with Instagram, the number 1 photo sharing site.
  • Other features for users only.

Why use Syndlab 2.0?

Because Google loves social syndication. Building backlinks and paying for them, are becoming a thing of the past. Google is clamping down on this dishonest practice. Get ahead and start playing nice with Google, and it will play nice with you too.

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Syndlab 2.0 price and OTOs

  • Front end : $47 – $67. This includes the full new Syndlab 2.0 Software, with the capability to syndicate to over 30+ different social sites and a good number of monthly posts.
  • Oto 1 $37pm/$57 bi yearly – A powerful four part offer. Generate an unlimited number of campaigns and remove all restrictions, unlock extra social posting sites, unlock the multi tiered linking campaign, AND syndicate to video sites as well.
  • Oto 2 Syndlab 2.0 WP plugin $67 – Get the powerful Syndlab 2.0 plugin for all  your WordPress websites. Rank your content number 1, without leaving your dashboard. Choose to rank older posts, and older websites.
  • Oto 3 part one Video Chief Templates Part $37 – Get access to the powerful Video Chief membership site. Have access to over 350+ video templates to use as your own.
  • Oto 3 part two X Ranker 360 – Access X Ranker, a premium product also by Joshua for free, and integrate it with Syndlab 2.0 to get faster number 1 rankings.

Syndlab 2.0 Bonuses

These are a list of exclusive bonuses, you will only get when you purchase via this website. I have listed 8 here, and a secret 6 WP plugins worth over $1500.

syndlab 2.0 review

Here is the list of featured bonuses:

  • 101 Transparent Stock images
  • 125 Niche Headers Collection
  • Auto Video Creator
  • Coupon tags PSD
  • Graphics Button Collection
  • Facebook Timeline Covers Templates
  • GIF Satisfaction Guaranteed badges
  • WP Web Speedy Plugin
  • The rest remain a secret

Syndlab 2.0 Review conclusion

Buying backlinks, and building backlinks are getting old, fast. Not only are they old, they are also time consuming. Another added note is that Google does not like being made a fool of. Google prefers social syndication and the lovely engagement they give.

There are a few drawbacks so Syndlab 2.0, as it does limit the amount of posts on certain plans. This can be overcome by purchasing the One time offers. Also, there are tons more social sites which can be used, which are given by other syndication tools.

However, looking past that, Syndlab is much easier to use, much easier to set up, and unlike others (ranksnap which suddently disappeared after making sales), Syndlab has been around for some time.

Personally I can vouch for it. For another great Zamurai approved product, check out Sendiio here.

Thanks for reading, access Syndlab 2.0 down below.


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