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Teds Woodworking Review

Teds woodworking, is a package, created by Ted McGrath. It is one of the most popular woodwork project packages online today. In this Teds woodworking review, we will dive into what it has to offer. We will see who its for, and the pros and cons you can expect. Also somewhere in this post, I will drop a link for 50 free plans.

What exactly is Teds woodworking?

Teds woodworking is a massive collection of woodworking projects and blueprints. The collection features over 16000 projects. The plans are very easy to follow.

You have plans from building your own house, to building one for your trusty dog. The collection is by far the most comprehensive package you can find online today. Ted has spent over 2 years piecing together this all in one package.

We all know that there are so many products out on the market today. It is hard to be sure if Teds is the product for you. Rest assured, we have done the research for you.

To set your mind at ease, we have made a list of all the pros and cons of Teds woodworking. Not only that, but we have detailed as well what you will receive when buying.

teds woodworking review

What you get when buying Teds woodworking

  • 16000 plans – Upon your purchase, you will get 16000 different plans. At first glance, it might seem like a lot. Then again, you have to think to yourself the practical uses of them all. They are all different and unique designs. If you like woodwork, there may be many projects you would have like to try. This can be from a tree house for the kids. A gazebo, or my favorite a man cave so you can bring the buddies over for some gaming. It does not matter. There is something for everyone. You will have no shortage of ideas with the wide variety of projects you can do.
  • Lifetime plans – You will also get access to lifetime plans. Each month you will get to download new plans. The plans will be brand new, or modified newer versions of old designs which have not been listed yet. Designs and trends change as time goes by. There is no reason your building style should stay the same.
  • Lessons and tutorials – The program comes with great tutorials made easy for you to follow. The tutorials and lessons are given by master craftsmen. There is also step by step written instructions and annotations. This makes it very easy to follow. Especially if you are trying a project you have never undertaken before.
  • Premium Video classes – You also get over 150 premium video classes. This is for any craftsmen at any level. The classes will outline different techniques you can use. They will also show methods to make assembly easy, fast and efficient.
  • Detailed plans – The plans are presented in color and are very detailed. The plans break down the assembly into smaller, manageable chunks. It also outlines step by step how to completely assemble your project at the end, and also what comes where.
  • Wide variety – As mentioned above, you get a large variety of projects to build. The projects are as follows. Large and small furniture, small crafts and indoor projects and also outdoor and workshop projects.

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Teds woodworking Pros and Cons

Like every product, you have a few things you like and the one or two odd things you dislike. This is normal. Below, I have outlined the Pros and Cons you can expect when you purchase Teds Woodworking.

Teds woodworking Pros:

  • Suitable for all – All levels of craftsmen will benefit from Teds. Even if you are a newbie, or someone who has come with woodworking a long way. Beginners will find it easy to understand. The step by step instructions and tutorials, are clear and concise. Beginners will be able to easily their first projects. This will help boost confidence and increase skill level to take on more complex designs. Advanced craftsmen, will love the huge variety of designs. Like all good artists, there comes a time when ideas seem to run a dead end. The 16000 plans and monthly new ones, will give and endless supply to keep you busy.
  • Amazing bonuses – Ted has also included some great useful bonuses to use. You will receive the free drawing and CAD plan viewer. 150 Premium woodworking videos and a complete woodworking carpentry guide. The complete woodwork carpentry guide, is very useful for beginners. It has over 200 pages of carpentry tricks and tips. The premium videos can also help any woodworker hone their carpentry skills
  • Neatly organised – You would expect with over 16000 plans, it would all be a little unorganized. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The designs are all neatly categorized. Any design is very easy to find. This is useful if you haven’t completed a design the day before, and you would like to continue with that specific design.
  • Money back guarantee – Besides the overwhelming amount of plans you get, Ted has also decided to extend the guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the projects, you can request a full refund. The refund period lasts up to 60 days.

The Cons of Teds woodworking:

  • Long download times – Seeing that you get over 16000 plans, you can assume the files are huge. Not only are you getting plans, but full detailed instructions with easy to understand diagrams. This however, will result in long download times (depending on your internet speed). There is a solution to this. To avoid long download times, you can upgrade to the DVD edition. This can be done in your online dashboard, in the members area.
  • An overwhelming experience16000 plans is no joke. It is a lot to go through. Even as your reading, you may have the feeling of being overwhelmed with information. Relax. Take it slow. The blueprints are all organized and categorized for you to find it easily. Just a little tip. Choose one category to start off with. A design you may once have seen. Or even a project you always wanted to tackle. Start from there, and then work your way to upgrading every corner of your home.

ted's woodworking review

The above picture is just a few samples of the blueprints in Teds woodworking plans.

Conclusion to Teds woodworking

Without a doubt, Teds woodworking is a very comprehensive and detailed woodworking package. It comes fully packed with a great amount of projects and solutions. You can create any woodworking project you might think of. The best part, is that its easy to follow.

I am sure there are other packages on the internet like this. What I am also sure of, is that none of them are this detailed, and none of them offer the large variety of plans. You get thousands of projects, step by step detailed instructions, and to top it all of, 3 amazing bonuses.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading my Teds woodworking review. And all of the best to you. As promised, you can claim your 50 free plans by clicking the link below.

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