How to Rank YouTube Videos on First Page of Google

how to rank youtube videos in google

How to Rank YouTube Videos on the First Page of Google

Are you doing SEO for YouTube videos but just not getting enough exposure? Well I will show you How to Rank YouTube videos in Google, to rake in some good organic traffic from the biggest search engine.

Like I said in so many articles and product reviews, VIDEO IS BIG AND ITS AN EVER GROWING TOOL FOR MARKETING. So much so that teachers now teach classes via video and we have whole platforms built around hosting videos.

If you are already doing YouTube (depending on your channel niche) and you are not getting that TARGETED TRAFFIC, then you might want to consider using the following tools and methods. I list below all the tools you need, show you how to use them and where to get them.

Getting started

Firstly I must put out a small disclaimer here. These methods are going to be focusing on SEO techniques and some of these tools help very well, but you have to do a little modification to some of them. The results are not typical and can vary based on a huge amount of factors.

These include proper SEO, link building/social syndication, the size of your channel, length of video and results are generally different depending on the target audience location. We can overcome some of these with what I will show you, but some of it will just take some time to get a good ranking. So its a game of strategy, patience and content bulking.

Find your competitors

If you have competitors ranking for the same keywords or video titles you want to, its a good thing to then locate them and find the top ranking videos in YouTube search. Do the same with a Google search. What you need to do next is download a tool called Tubebuddy here. This tool will show exactly what tags they used, how many views they got and other interesting facts you may need to know.

Look at the following pictures and the highlighted parts of it very carefully, and read the bullet points below them.

how to rank youtube videos in google how to rank youtube videos in google

  • Install Tubebuddy on your browser and sign in with your desired YouTube accounts or accounts. You will get a Tubebuddy extension which will show you a target videos information as you are viewing it.
  • Once installed and active, you should see the top two pictures with every video you are viewing. This panel reveals their tags, their views or current video and channel and their YouTube best practices. Take note of everything here, its important for the following points.
  • If you are going to talk about the exact same points, then you can copy the video tags as it is and save it. Open a notepad file, copy all of those and paste it. Make sure to make headings so you don’t confuse yourself and paste it under the heading called tags.
  • Then take a look at the best practices section. Note that you need to  make sure you get ticks on most or all of them. If you need to open accounts for your channel on those platforms then do so. You can make a Facebook page just for your channel. I will give a tutorial on that in a later article.
  • Copy the title exactly as it is and paste it under the heading title (you can use it as is, or you can wait around and use the next tool to fiddle around with it a bit and get the best title). Be sure to save the work as you go on.
  • Once you created accounts for your channel, you need to look at a good high resolution thumbnail and the others (more on that in later articles).
  • Once that is copied, you can start working on your video and saving it. I recommend movavi or mediacloudpro video suite edition.
  • If you need to record your screen you can use OBS, its free and does a very good job. You can get it here.

Get your SEO ready

The following tools is highly advanced, and is a standalone software that uses advanced algorithm research to find the best titles, tags and keywords to help your videos rank in Google and in YouTube. It will show you how difficult a keyword is to rank for in both platforms and it will suggest other keywords which you can easily rank for as well.

The tool is called Video Marketing Blaster. I use this tool daily for my own channels and websites. This is no backlink crap sold by shady marketers, this is to help you size up your competitors and show you exactly what you need to do to rank your videos well. You can access Video Marketing Blaster here.

how to rank youtube videos in google

This is what you should see once you get Video Marketing Blaster. This is the main dashboard. On the top you will see more tabs, that’s where the magic is going to happen. Let me show you.

how to rank youtube videos in google

Look at the areas I highlighted. You will see a text box that is named main keyword. You can enter the main keyword you want to rank for in there, or your competitors exact video title. You can select any of the check boxes below that, but its not really needed and it will take a bit longer to generate your information.

The middle section shows all the keywords it generated. This is from many different factors which the software takes into account. From social shares, likes, views and channel size. It will generate the keywords and a number, that number illustrates how competitive it is to rank for. The higher the number, the more work you will need to put in. You can look at other suggested ones, or you can choose the one you really want (more work if the number is higher, remember that). Copy it and save to your notepad.

How to rank youtube videos in google

Take a good look at the screenshot(I blotted out mine, its not relevant to this tutorial). On the left you should see three tabs. Click the first one and paste in your desired keyword. It should generate the exact video details you will need for YouTube. Your title, description and tags.

You can play around with all of it, especially your description. You can mix and match tags or add to your competitors that you copied. That is going to be the information you need to let your video start ranking in YouTube.

HINT: Another trick you SHOULD use, is adding hashtags (eg; #freesoftware #bestfreesoftware). You can use up to 3 hashtags that will ensure you start owning those search terms on social media and on YouTube and Google.

Your video should now be ready for upload with all your information. Don’t forget to make a good looking thumbnail.

Social syndication quick run

Now remember those YouTube best practices? Well here is where they come into play. Create a reddit account, Facebook page and twitter account for your channel (never use your personal accounts, keep it separate and private).

For better results with social syndication I recommend using this tool. Why? Look at the first picture and the third result, see how close he is to me with just social syndication? Well, I got the upper hand with Video marketing blaster in conjunction with the social syndication tool he created and I’m using. Let that sink in for a minute. You can read the review and see how it works here.

Those accounts you are only going to use to promote your videos and maybe write up a good something here and there. Now you can also more or less get an idea of what your competitors are doing. This can be achieved by using VMB as well.

how to rank YouTube videos in google

The above picture will tell you how good your competitor has been doing their SEO. This is articles or social media posts that link back to the video, or where the video is featured. The super green is very well and all the way to red is very terrible.

how to rank youtube videos in google

The last feature is rank tracker. This in conjunction with the previous feature can really give you great insights as to what you need to change to rank higher, or optimize a video that dropped in ranking a bit lower. It shows you real time stats every time you log in. So keep that in mind, as you will one day get some competition.

Conclusion on How to Rank YouTube Videos on First Page of Google

Okay, now lets get a quick recap on the whole article. Your goal is clear, rank video in YouTube and rank YouTube video in Google. Here is what you need. Tubebuddy to get specific competitor information. Video marketing blaster to generate the best SEO tags and titles for ranking in Google.

Social syndication for link building strategy and social shares. Awesome thumbnail and of course your video and your pc. These methods work well, but a few things to keep in mind is that to keep ranking constantly, you need to keep creating content.

It also depends on  your channel. If you are just chasing buyer keywords, then review videos are the way. Doesn’t matter if you just get 30 views, those 30 views are guaranteed 10 buyers. So don’t care about views so much, care about ranking and you will do well.

If you are chasing down big niches and competitors, you need to constantly create content so YouTube can naturally rank you well. This will work well with these methods as taking you down will be very hard to beat. I hope this article helps you out a lot and consider checking out the tools. Some awesome bonuses along with them. Ciao



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