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Traffic Ivy Review

This Traffic Ivy Review will be unbiased. Almost every other review on the front page of the search engines will be biased. I am a traffic Ivy user, and I will tell show you how this software works.

I also have no bonuses to offer you. Why I don’t give bonuses is because majority bonuses are worthless eBooks and YouTube videos. Those bonuses offered by most of these websites never give any value other then what you already know.

So my aim on this website, is not to deceive you. I do not believe in magical products, and I do not believe there is really an easy way for you to make money online. That being said, get ready to read an honest review on Traffic Ivy.

traffic ivy review

Traffic Ivy Overview

Traffic Ivy is not a new product. It was originally launched earlier this year in February. I do remember the launch, and making a purchase at a later date. I will be giving you my final thoughts on the product a bit later.

The product was created by Cindy Donovan of Wild fire concepts. She has created other amazing products such as DFY Hero website builder and EyeSlick Video eCommerce video marketing software. Most of her products are aimed at aiding marketers and bloggers.

Traffic Ivy however is more for newer marketers in my view. The platform gives newbies, or newer bloggers or video marketers an opportunity to have their content go viral. On the platform you will have the option to connect multiple accounts.

This can be from a Facebook account, a WordPress blog or a YouTube account. The process is simple. All you have to do is connect the accounts on which you have, or wish to create a following. Then share your article on the marketplace and others will share to earn points.

The platform is also cloud based. Which means you just have to sign up, and bookmark their log in page. Log in and share. It sounds simple, and amazing. However, there are a few concerns with this platform. We will have a look at it later. Firstly, I will show you the features, then what concerns me and then a personal recommendation.

traffic ivy review

My history on Traffic ivy as proof that I am a user

Traffic Ivy Features

I have pretty much said all there is to know about the product. However, I will go into more detail on this product for you. I will also show you the dashboard and my social share history with Traffic Ivy.

As detailed as possible, here is the following of what you can expect from Traffic Ivy if you purchase.

  • Targeted traffic – Traffic Ivy shares are promoted as targeted traffic. The platform houses members from a variety of niches. Some of these members are most likely to be in your niche. You can then share your content on the marketplace, set your points and wait for shares. Without targeted traffic, your content will take a long time to reach your target audience. With this feature, you can have it reach that specific audience faster, and have a chance of going viral.
  • Multiple YouTube accounts – Video marketing is huge. Blogs are being set a side, as people have shorter attention spans and prefer to learn by viewing rather then reading. The benefit of video marketing is also greater. As it builds a lot more connection with your audience, then someone who is writing a blog. Tutorials and teaching are also much more practical for the viewer. With that being said, you may have multiple YouTube accounts if your a marketer doing video marketing. The YouTube following can be highly profitable and valuable. Going viral on a platform like YouTube can only help you in the future as you will likely get views for many years to come.
  • Social media – Social media is also a very good place to be if your an online marketer. The social media online communities can be a great tool for exposure for your business. However, this does not work for every niche. So be very careful of which niche you are in. People on social media are not there to purchase. Getting them as a following to gain from them, takes some very skilled work around. With that being said, you can connect multiple social media accounts. If you are a blogger, Pinterest like I did would be a good idea. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and even LinkedIn.
  • Quality traffic – The platform places emphasis on quality traffic. However I can disagree to an extent. Looking at the marketplace on whats available to share, you will see mixed results. Quite contrary to what is being promised. It does take some searching to find quality content to share on your accounts. However in return, you cannot be guaranteed quality traffic. Most people will just share higher point shares, and they may be very spammy people in general. Most of the posts are from very inexperienced newbies trying to sell Forex, binary or bitcoin trading platforms. Others outright list affiliate programs directly, or very untrustworthy make money online posts. You should always try to avoid spam related content. This could send mixed messages to your audience. Finding quality content to share is no easy task, and you have no control over who will share yours.
traffic ivy review

See the type of content being uploaded here? Some direct linking to affiliate offers as well. This continues as you scroll down. This is a snapshot of the marketplace.

Pros and cons of Traffic Ivy

You may already have drawn up your own conclusions of the platform. However, there a pros to using the platform as well as cons. This is evident with every product or service today. You can leverage the platform to your advantag, and I will list it below.

Lets first look at the pros and cons of this platform and my experience as a user.

Pros of Traffic Ivy

  • Targeted traffic – Apart from the other non viable members of the platform, you may be able to locate content to share in your niche. This will keep you connected with your audience. In turn, you could have the same people in your niche post yours. It is no secret that you are not the only one your followers are following. So giving them a different post from someone else, or video ultimately keeps them with you. In turn you will also be exposed to an audience you may not have had.
  • Growth – With your content being share, this will ultimately contribute to growth. You will be able to gain more followers, viewers and subscribers. This is a good method for newbie exposure and building an email list if that is what your end goal is. That email list can in turn be turned into profit.
  • Share where you want – If you do not want to share competitor content, then you can just have it shared to other platforms where you are not competing.
  • Multiple accounts – You can also connect as many accounts as you want. The number of YouTube accounts are limitless. If you have an EyeSlick (read about Eyeslick) account you can also connect it to the platform and gain more points.

traffic ivy review

Cons of Traffic Ivy

  • Questionable shares – You really have no control over who shares your content and where. Your content could be shared to dead blogs, or questionable websites. You don’t want search engines associating your content with penalized websites. This could bring your Google rankings down or permanently hurt your website.
  • Questionable members – Aside from what their sales page will tell you, you will find a lot of questionable characters. A ton of these members are new to internet marketing. You will see them make use of all types of spam and click bait for exposure. Many of them don’t know how to properly utilize their opportunities. Many of their content will get literally no engagement, and them sharing yours does not guarantee that you will get any. Even you do, it will not be the type of engagement that you will be looking for.
  • Questionable traffic – I did kind of mention this in the previous point. However, I feel I need to give a better explanation on this. Seeing that many of those members are questionable, you can assume that they have no quality followers whatsoever. If you have ever been part of or ran a Facebook group, you will know what I am talking about. Majority of the followers joining the group just spam affiliate links and give no real value. This is evident in the cooking niche, weight loss, internet marketing and fitness. Those members could be the same members who will share your content. Since they are spamming social media, they are never taken serious, and your content will be associated with them. If you do get engagement of the traffic they send, you will only be getting more spammers or people copying your methods.
  • There is no rating system – The platform promises a rating system, however in my experience, there is none. What you get is what you saw in the picture of the marketplace. You have no way of telling if they are quality members who respect the internet marketing trade. So there is no guarantee that you will be getting quality members who share quality content and promise you the same in return.
  • Crappy point system – The point system is not as you would imagine. Some of these shares only offer 3 points and those that are higher, are very questionable indeed. You may also get members who only share your content if they think its worth the points gained. So in that regard you will have to bid a lot more points for a share then you may actually be getting.
Traffic ivy review

I only used it for Pinterest.

My view and recommendations and tips on Traffic Ivy

The whole concept of the platform is unique and has overall good intentions. The fact that it is aimed at helping real new marketers, who take the business serious is great. This is a very good method of having your content shared and having the possibility of going viral.

Traffic Ivy has been active for some time. The platform still has users, but my results were questionable. I mainly used it to promote my Pinterest pins. Connecting it to YouTube brings up a Google security warning, so I avoided connecting any of my other social media accounts for this reason.

I honestly have no idea if the platform works well for social media accounts. With Pinterest you do see a ton of impressions, but there is no way to tell if those stem from the shares. The clicks and re-pins are also not known if it is from being shared via Traffic Ivy, or Pinterest of Tailwind.

In complete honesty, the platform does work. I do however have doubts if it works the way they intended for it to. I have not made use of this platform for some times, as I have launched more websites and I do well with basic SEO. I would however advise on avoid linking any of your primary gmail accounts, as Google does give up a huge warning on some of the social shares.

From what I have seen, that there is a lot of spam on the platform. There is also no shortage of inexperienced marketers. You can see why they have no following, and it may be worth thinking it through if you want your content to be shared by such members. That is however out of your control as to who shares your content.

The points system also needs careful work around. Some of these posts offer very low points. Others that may offer more are majority content that I would advise you avoid.

My recommendation

So you read my thoughts and advise, now my recommendation. I cannot highly recommend that platform. Yes, it is a good platform, however, I prefer putting in the work instead. I can recommend Tailwind if you are a niche blogger.

Tailwind is the only recommended app for Pinterest marketing. Traffic Ivy can still be used positively. If you can connect multiple accounts, you can share the content to those that you do not use for your marketing. This works very well for YouTube. As social sharing for YouTube videos does bring your credibility up in their search and search engines.

Thanks for reading my Traffic Ivy review. I hope you see that this review is not biased at all. I also  hope I helped you make a proper decision before purchase. It always good to have be informed before you spend. If you want access to Traffic Ivy, you can check them out here. However, if you want different methods of having your content go viral I do have other alternatives.

The following alternatives depend on your method of marketing. I will be listing some for video, seo and social media. I will also list a short description of their purpose:

Traffic Ivy Alternative for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very high ticket customer platform. You will also however, find a ton of marketers already engaged on the platform. If you have been using LinkedIn, with little to no success, I doubt that Traffic Ivy will be able to help you there.

However, Linkedtify is a tool designed just for LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn has been purchased by Microsoft, you can only expect it to get better and get more exposure. To use LinkedIn properly, you will need to proper training and use proper methods. I know YouTube is full of tutorial videos on how to do that. But, we all know that most of the advice on YouTube just does not work.

You can can however be assured with LinkedIn, that you will be taught properly how to go about getting quality leads for your list or offers. You can check out Linkedtify here!

Traffic Ivy alternative for YouTube

No doubt, video marketing is the future of all marketing. If this is where you wish to excel then I have just the program for you. You may be in a very competitive niche, and struggle to dominate, or draw organic traffic to your blog.

You can beat this with First page ranker! This tool helps you rank your YouTube videos on page one in just a few hours. Not only in YouTube, but in all search engines in general. This will allow you to get organic search engine traffic, as well as in YouTube. You can check out First page ranker here!

Traffic Ivy for blogs

If your main method of internet marketing is Search engine optimization, then I have just what you need. We know that ranking in Google can sometimes be hard. And we both know that it pays off to do so once you start ranking.

However, Google and other search engines can punish your site for being associated with spam activity. So the best alternative for you, would be Pinterest and Tailwind. Tailwind has a ton of bloggers in every niche. It is also quality content being shared and expected to be shared.

You can get a free month with Tailwind here.

Conclusion to Traffic Ivy Review

As you can see, that I have covered almost every aspect of Traffic Ivy. As a user, I can tell you that the platform works, but not as perfect as it is made out to be.

However, you can still use the platform to your benefit, if you know how. I did give a tip above. If you are still interested in trying in purchasing, I have a 0.1c trial version for you. You can have access to it here. 

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps.

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